Ahn Jae Wook, Hwan Hee in new drama

Eh, my sister likes him – Ahn Jae Wook and would buy any drama that features him O_O. I’m going to inform her of this news 🙂

Hwan Hee, after the “makeover”, will also be in this drama. Is Suh Ji Hye an actress?

Hallyu star Ahn Jae-wook (36) will return to the spotlight.

Ahn will star in the drama “Saranghae/I Love You” based on the series by cartoonist Huh Young-man. The drama is a love story between Suk Chul-soo, an established cartoonist in his late 30s, and Na Young-hee, a woman 14 years his junior.

The drama will be produced by Lee Chang-han, who also produced “A Wonderful Life” and “She Is Nineteen.”

“Saranghae” is already highly-anticipated because it is the first TV adaptation of a series by popular cartoonist Huh.

Huh’s “Shik-gaek/Gourmet,” starring Kim Rae-won, was slated to be the first, but the broadcast date and shooting schedule continues to be pushed back.

Apart from Ahn Jae-wook, Suh Ji-hye and Fly to the Sky’s Hwan-hee are also set to appear in the drama. Shooting will begin next month.

Source: RKI KBS


8 thoughts on “Ahn Jae Wook, Hwan Hee in new drama

  1. OMG!! I can’t wait to see Hwan hee again. ever since hearing him sing and watched him dance in OTR i fell inlove with him!his voice drives me crazy!

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