WANTED revealed their fourth member

Don’t know if any of you still remembered the tragic events about 3 years ago when WANTED was involved in that terrible car accident which took away Suh Jae Ho. They are back now (finally!) with a fourth member. I’m waiting for one of those online sites to publish their new album tracklist. I’m also waiting for their MV ^^

Due to the death of Suh Jae Ho in a car accident, WANTED have been quiet for the past 3 years. They will release their Vol 2 album this July. Now, they have a new member, Lee Jung, which will take the place of the late Suh Jae Ho.

WANTED’s Kim Jae Suk was originally from 4U while the late Suh Jae Ho, Jeon Sang Hwan and Ha Dong Gyun were from 7dayz. They got together after they went solo from their groups.

Lee Jung was also from 7dayz and he brought new perspective/depthness in their new album. With Ha Dong Kyun’s passionate voice, Kim Jae Suk’s beautiful high vocal, Jeon Sang Hwan’s gentleness and Lee Jung’s vocal strength, from their voices, you will noticed their deep friendship and their take on life after all the things that they have went through.

The title song of their new album will be called “I Promise You”.

Source: SINA.cn
Summary translation: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting

Translation note: Eh…some parts I have difficulties in translating them so I translated as close to what I understood. Gomen 😦


8 thoughts on “WANTED revealed their fourth member

  1. Lee Jung ke? OMG .. i’ve been wondering who will replace him …
    ehm .. so far i still have no comment on Lee Jung replaced Suh . I heard Lee Jung and I like his voice .. and recently i heard him duet with J .. well not bad ..


    will see after the album release …

    thanks for the info ^^

  2. whoah … can’t wait for their second album. i wunder if the third original members of Wanted will make his appearance when they perform. i dun remember seeing any of their old performances whereby all four of them appeared together. usually only the three of them.

    and as for Lee Jung … i quite like his voice, not the soothing kind but quite unique. i especially like his first album.

    thanks for the infos!

  3. well Im waiting for the mv to be out … and personally, I hope WANTED will be successful this time…some say that if not for that terrible accident, they should be one of the popular group today!’

  4. punkat – they debuted in 2002 as 7dayz(DQ, Jeon Sang Whan, Lee Jung, Seo Jae Ho, and + Young Jun a.k.a YJ)
    and Kim Jae Suk also debuted in 2002 as men group called 4U.

  5. You stated that you translated to the best of your understanding. Well I’m American and I think your translations are great. Good Job!!

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