Eru will be releasing his Vol 3 in August

Park Geun-Tae is currently helping Eru preparing his Vol 3, along with Wheesung’s Vol 5 (yeah, I hope Wheesung will release his album before Eru!)

News from Sina

Eru will held his first-ever fans’ meeting on 1st July where he will celebrate his July birthday with them, too. There is an estimate of 150 people to attend his mini-show. He will invite his best friends like Epik High, Super Junior, etc.

He is scheduled to release his Vol 3 in August. Currently, the title song of his new album has yet to be determined. He will go to Japan to film his MV.

Source: SINA
Summary translation: fangorn @
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Time flies, eh ? It’s like yesterday that he’s promoting his Vol 2 and now he’s coming out with Vol 3!


3 thoughts on “Eru will be releasing his Vol 3 in August

  1. I want Wheesung !!!
    ~sigh it has been very long time I saw Wheesung on screen. The last was during 2006 Big4 Christmas Concert …

    all the best to Eru. I hope he will improve better than second album … ^^

  2. Geez, time does fly by, now that i notice it. So excited to hear this news. Thanks!! I’ll be on a lookout for his third album and Wheesung’s 5th.

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