GN (지앤) single cover and tracklist

Errr… I was doing my daily MV downloading when I noticed 2 MVs by the name “GN”. I proceeded to download their MVs and realised that they were previews only. However, what’s interesting was that they were essentially showing the same thing but from different perspective. The first MV was focused on the girl’s perspective with a female singer while the second MV was from a guy’s perpective (male voice).

O_O …I really am curious about who is GN and this is their 2nd single! Anybody knows anything about them ?

Artist: GN

Single: 이별雨

Release: 11th June 2007

01 이별雨 (Nar. 김민좌)
02 내 사랑아
03 안부를 묻습니다
04 사랑 그 아픈 상처
05 사랑하지마
06 그리워 한다는 건…



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