Miyazaki Aoi is married!

The first time I came across the news was a rumor from Yahoo Taiwan so I didn’t actually post it here until today when she confirmed her marriage through her agency! Err…I don’t really know who’s the guy but they have been dating for 7 years!!! O_O

Here’s a brief summary of the news from Yahoo TW:

21 years old Miyazaki Aoi released a press statement through her agency on 15th June that she has married. Her husband is 25 years old actor Takaoka Sousuke. She denied that she got married because she is pregnant.

They have been dating for 7 years. Compared with Miyazaki, Takaoka is the less popular of the two. Last July, “Friday” magazine published news that they have been living together. Miyazaki will continue her work after marriage.

Source: Yahoo TW
Summary translation: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

I kinda found a link to his page in his agency for this actor (link here). I never really heard of him before! And the wikipedia page … gosh! he was in Battle Royale!

OK, I wish them many happiness ^^ they looks like a matching couple and since they have been together for so long, guess she has chosen the right guy.

But..working the maths, that means she has been dating him since she’s 14 ?!


2 thoughts on “Miyazaki Aoi is married!

  1. i’ve seen this guy acting in the movie Aoi Haru (Blue Spring) together with Ryuhei Matsuda. his character in the movie is quiet but kinda disturbing. he’s been in quite a lot of good movies and i think he’s considered as one of the talented young actors in Japan (though, he only played a supporting role in those movies). he’s quite sweet looking too! congrats to both of them.

    uh … if u chance upon Blue Spring, do watch it. it’s really good and so is the soundtrack. Toshiaki Toyoda has only four movies directed, but so far i love all of them.

  2. OHMO! She married Sugimura Hiroki! XD

    It’s kinda weird.. but cute too. I actually thought she and Tamaki Hiroshi looked good together.

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