[Live] Hirai Ken – Catch Ball – MTV Unplugged 2003

I have 2 live clips of him singing this very nice song, Catch Ball. One was during his 2001 Live Budokan concert, which I ripped myself and this clip.

He wrote this song for his father and it is one of my favorite song from him.

I always like hisย  live clips coz he sound the same as his studio versions.

I didn’t actually capture other caps because most of the time, the camera focused on his face ๐Ÿ™‚

He performed this song on his MTV Unplugged Live in New York back in 2003. If I remembered correctly, he was the first Japanese male singer to be invited by MTV.

Download clip –ย  34 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere.


8 thoughts on “[Live] Hirai Ken – Catch Ball – MTV Unplugged 2003

  1. Thanks! While it’s downloading, I’m watching the three other Ken Hirai videos I have. “Elegy” is just plain weird to me…I still haven’t figured out what’s supposed to be going on in that one. ;>) “Kimi no Suki na Toko” is a cute video and a pleasant song…and the Live version (Ken’s Bar) that you posted of it is a very excellent live performance.

  2. Nice…another great live performance! I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song before. I like how Ken slows down the pace on his songs when singing live…it seems to give the songs more sincerity. ^_^

  3. Elegy – hmm… I have to re-watch it LOL. I have to admit, it was one of his really weird MVs. The other weird ones are Bye My Melody.

    Steve, Catch Ball is actually one of his very old songs – he released it back in his “Stare At” album – his 2nd album. At that time, his popularity was not really good. But this song has been one of his favorite songs coz he likes to perform it very much.

  4. I don’t have the By(e) My Melody video, but the Single is very good. I just looked and have all Ken’s Singles starting with LAKuEn (2000.01.09), with the exception of Strawberry Sex (for some unknown reason), but only have his albums starting with gaining through losing (2001.07.04). I just haven’t found some of his earlier stuff from 1995-2000 yet. ^_^ But thanks for telling me that “Catch Ball” is off the 1996 album, Stare At (track #12, I see)…it’s a good song, so I’ll keep looking for the album!

  5. Steve, you should watch Bye My Melody… that’s one of the weirdest Ken’s MV I’ve ever seen… I was like **blink blink ** O_O when I watched it.

    Talking about Rakuen …ahh…I missed that song – LOL, maybe I upload old Ken’s MV later ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. HEEEEEYYYY!!! Aika(Elegy) isn’t weird, ok! i think it’s totally cool cuz it’s able to make me feel the song. it’s melancholic. hearing the words while looking at the MV… it just matches perfectly. i love Pop Star too!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. i agree with soul-craft, aika mv isnt weird, it is cool n sexy. IMO, it can represent the song. Hm..sometime, loving someone is very hurting, hehe :p

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