Ratings on 2nd-generation celebrity

O_O I only know Jang Na-Ra, Jo Seung-Woo and Eru as 2nd-generation celebrities. Eh, don’t know that Song Il Gook is one, too. He’s really really popular since Jumong 🙂 . And I also keep hearing this “Ha Jung Woo” guy 😛

Jumong’s Song Il Gook As Most Impressive Second-Generation Celebrity
Result from the website DC Inside survey ranks Ha Jung Woo as second place.

Currently, in the midst of the boom of second-generation celebrities, actor Song Il Gook who had the title role in the drama “Jumong,” which aired early this year, was ranked as first as the most impressive second-generation celebrity.

The digital camera community website called DC Inside ran a survey among the internet users from June 4th to 11th that ranked “The Most Impressive Second-Generation Celebrity.” It was revealed on the 12th that the results showed that among 1,410 people who took the survey, the highest amount of 505 votes (36%) were for Song Il Gook.

As the son of a famous actor Kim Eul Dong, Song Il Gook started to receive recognition through the KBS drama, “Terms of Endearment,” and continued to gain popularity through “Emperor of the Sea,” and “Jumong.”

As for the second place, the son of a famous celebrity Kim Yong Gun, the movie star Ha Jung Woo was selected. Ha Jung Woo, who secured 215 votes (15.3%), gained recognition for his acting in movies such as “The Unforgiven,” “Breath,” and the recent MBC drama, “H.I.T.” Recently, he was appeared in a movie called “Never Forever” with actress Vera Farmiga, which has high expectations.

Movie start Kim Joo Hyuk ranked a close third after Ha Jung Woo. Kim Joo Hyuk is the son of Kim Moo Saeng, and debuted in 1998 as a talent through SBS. Afterwards, he achieved stardom through movies such as “Singles,” “Mr. Hong/Mr. Handy,” and the drama “Lovers in Paris.”

The others include Jang Nara at 4th place with 93 votes (6.6%), and the likes of Jo Seung Woo, Chu Sang Mi, and Eru in the top ten.

Source: BroAsia


8 thoughts on “Ratings on 2nd-generation celebrity

  1. uh … i like Han Jung Woo a lot. he’s a fine actor. i saw him first in Unforgiven. haven’t seen his latest Never Forever, Breath and H.I.T.

    mmm … i think Kim Joo Hyuk was in Lovers in Prague. Han Jung Woo was also in that drama … as Jeon Do Yeon’s ‘driver’. i dun really enjoy the drama but i really like Han Jung Woo’s character in it.

    thanks for sharing the info. didn’t know that these artists’ parents are famous celebrities too (except for Eru).

  2. Paras, err… sorry I really dont have information on Song Il Gook – you can however use GOOGLE to search for images or information about him.

    inoyume, ahhh I search for Han Jung Woo when Im in soompi next time…

  3. anyway,thanks for the reply….maybe if ever
    oneday you got something abt. song il gook,
    pls. do send me ok. i’m really an avid fan of
    him here in the philippines….and watching
    him in jumong is the only thing that i could
    have a glance of him…..really thanks a lot….

  4. Jumong is the actor i have ever wanted to talk to.Can i get his contact, either facebook or mail.I love u much Song ll Gook.

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