Clazziquai Returns with Melancholic Tango Rhythm

Found some news about Clazziquai comeback.. they will have a concert in July.

Alex looked a bit buff (hunk?) for the MV – this is the first time I saw him wear like that in the MV. He usually wore suits. Horan also have that 60s look.

Korea’s leading electronica band, Clazziquai, has returned to their fans for the first time in two years with a melancholic tango rhythm.

We went to the set of their new music video to meet the three talented band members and hear about their new music video. Join us on the set of their new music video.

It was a dark underground parking lot…. Among the three members, Horan was the first one to make an appearance. She arrived on the set in a gorgeous sports car.

For this music video, Horan completely changed her hair style. The retro hair style seemed to make her even sexier and more mature than ever.

Finally, the camera started to roll. Clazziquai members looked at each other with a deep loving gaze, indicating that this music video would be about a heart-rending love story.

A great deal of attention has been paid to this music video, particularly because the members of Clazziquai starred in it themselves.

Futhermore, Clazziquai is expected to hold concerts and participate in various events, not only in Korea but also in Japan this summer. So we asked Clazziquai about their upcoming concerts.

Clazziquai, which mesmerized music fans with dreamy melodies and sweet vocals, has returned to the music scene with yet another unique style of music.

We look forward to hearing more of their great music.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for their success with album three.

Source: Arirang TV

Concert Information:

Date : Saturday, July 14, 2007

Place : Olympic Hall, Seoul Olympic Park

One of Korea’s most unique groups are back with their 3rd album “Love Child of the Century” and a concert with the same name. Clazziquai’s smooth jazz/lounge fusion vocals and melodies will fill the night at Olympic Hall in Seoul, taking concert goers on a relaxing and romantic journey.

Fans will not be disappointed, enjoying the essence of the band they have come to know and love as well as the new musical surprises the band has prepared.

Source: RKI KBS World

Concert Poster (credit to Alex’s Cyworld and Soompi thread)


3 thoughts on “Clazziquai Returns with Melancholic Tango Rhythm

  1. i wish i can join the concert… i’m not in korea or japan… plz make asian tour… i definately go…

    i hope that their 3rd album will become success…

  2. I’m soo happy I found your site (i also admit obsession to pop culture you blog about)! Just found out today that Clazziquai’s come with new material and I’m psyched (they’re arguably my favorite Korean group). I wish them sucess and now I’m off to watch that mv 🙂

  3. I wish they can come to france!!I’m a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of clazziquai but I’ll go to Korea only in 2 or 3 years!!!that’s too bad!!

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