Another remake – Failan~~

Ugh… here’s another remake on the horizon. This time it is “Failan”, the movie starring Cecilia Cheung and Choi Min-Shik.

HOLLYWOOD — Beacon Pictures will finance a remake of the 2001 Korean film “Failan,” with Vadim Perelman set to direct a screenplay by Jose Rivera (“The Motorcycle Diaries”).

Shooting will begin in the fall. Beacon’s Armyan Bernstein will produce with Landscape Pictures chief Bob Cooper.

The remake will get a new title.

The recast story has a young refugee arriving from Russia and winding up in the clutches of Russian mobsters in Brighton Beach. The thugs arrange a marriage with one of their own. When she dies, the husband who’d never met her discovers letters she’d written him that show both her gratitude to him and how badly she was exploited. His remorse compels him to destroy her tormentors.

Pic will be exec produced by Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Doug Davison, along with Beacon’s Suzann Ellis and Charlie Lyons. Landscape’s Orin Woinsky also will be involved in a producing capacity.

Perelman, who directed “The House of Sand and Fog,” most recently completed the Uma Thurman starrer “In Bloom” for 2929 Prods.

Source: Variety Asia Online (original source link)


One thought on “Another remake – Failan~~

  1. so, the ‘Cho Min Shik’s’ character in this remake will turn into some kind of ‘hero’ who seeks revenge for his wife?! that is so typical of an American movie. in Failan, Choi Min Shik’s character is just a pitiful small time thug who is actually the one causing the heartaches to Cecilia’s character.

    anyways, this is a good movie and highly recommendable.

    thanks for the news!

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