44th Daejong Awards – Winners

I won’t be posting the full list but these are the major ones…some surprising results 🙂

Best Film: Family Ties
Best Director: Bong Joon Ho, The Host

Best Actor: Ahn Sung Ki, Radio Star

Best Actress: Kim Ah Joong, 200 Pounds Beauty

Best Supporting Actor:  Kim Yoon Seok, Tazza: The High Rollers

Best Supporting Actress: Shim Eun Jin, South of The Border

Best New Actor: Ryu Deok Hwan, Like A Virgin

Best New Actress: Jo Yi Jin, South of The Border

Overseas Popularity Award: Jung Ji Hoon (Bi), Kim Tae Hee

Korea (Domestic) Popularity Award: Lee Bum Soo, Kim Ah Joong

Ivy and Tei performed in the awards show ^^

Selected Pictures

Tei and Ivy singing duet:

Ivy singing “Maria”:

Jung Ji Hoon (Bi) accepting his award:

Lee Bum Soo:

Jeon Do Yeon (I like this dress and looks at how confident she posed for the camera)

Kim Ah Joong  (I like her dress during the awards that this one):

Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Ah Joong (her beautiful back facing us):

Lee Bum Soo and Kim Ah Joong (I like this dress):

Jo In Sung  ….  I’m blinded >< too bright… he should stick with black!

Kim Tae Hee (why did you come alone? Where’s dongseng?)

Moon Geun Young

Picture sources: various – newsen, mydaily, etc

2 thoughts on “44th Daejong Awards – Winners

  1. i guess the resut for the Best Picture is a bit surprising. i guess most would have thought that The Host would win. i’ve bought Family Ties (mainly because of Moon So Ri and Gong Hyo Jin) after reading good things about it but still have not find the right time and mood to watch it. guess it must be really good then …

    there are so many great actors nominated for Best Actor and i was hoping for either Song Kang Ho or Jo In Sung to win but i’m still glad that Ahn Sung Kin won cos he’s been in the business for so long and he rightly deserves the recognition.

    and Jeon Do Yeon looks so pretty!

  2. my name is faisal.in this occassion i want to appriciate the great korean acterss moon geun young…i am an indian who loves movies proffesionally…i saw the first korean movie innocent steps and wondered the acting of this graet talanted actersss…because of that movie i am more attracted to korea and movies of korea…i am searching the movies of moon geun young..sha is really cute and nice…she can be ambassoder of korean movies sure….from india…faisal kunhakkar

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