Now we know why Rain is not called Rain in US

He changed his concert tour name to JiHoon for his US concerts and I was wondering why since he has been using that name for ages. Now we finally know the reason…

And I also included another piece of news on the follow-up of Stephen Colbert’s reply to the Korean media backlash over his satire on Rain.

U.S. Band Rain Thwart’s Korean Star’s American Tour

The Korean singer Rain’s concerts in the U.S. as part of his world tour have been postponed due to controversy over his stage name. His Korean name “Bi” means “rain” in English, but the singer faces legal action filed by U.S. recording firm Rain Corporation with the District Court-District of Nevada in February. The company, which works with an American band also called Rain, demanded the entertainer drop the English name in the U.S.

Star M Entertainment, the organizer of the singer’s world tour, said it did its utmost to reach agreement with the U.S. company, but the concert schedule had to be changed since the court will make a ruling on June 14, when the Korean singer was scheduled to perform in Hawaii, the first leg of his U.S. concerts. A Star M Entertainment spokesman said the singer will stage concerts in the U.S. after August, because he will be shooting the movie “Speed Racer” from July. The singer had scheduled concerts in Hawaii, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles from June 15 to 30.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Singer Rain Postpones US Concerts 

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

K-pop superstar Rain postponed his concerts in the United States this month, as he faces a lawsuit over the use of the name “Rain.”

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, was originally scheduled to hold concerts in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 15, Atlanta, Georgia on June 19, New York City on June 23, San Francisco on June 27, and Los Angeles on June 30. This was part of his “World Tour 2006-2007 Rain’s Coming,” which ends this month.

However, Rain Corporation filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Rain, his former management agency JYP Entertainment, Ltd. and concert organizer Star M Entertainment over the use of the name “Rain.” The case was filed at the Nevada district court in Reno last February 16.

Rain Corporation, a music company, claimed it has the copyright over “Rain,” which is the name of its Beatles tribute band. According to its Web site, four American musicians formed the band in the mid-1970s. They named themselves Rain, after the title of a Beatles song.

Since the filing of the lawsuit, Rain’s U.S. concert promotional posters had been changed to “Ji-hoon’s World Tour 2007.” It is still unknown when Rain will resume his U.S. concert tour.
Rain is scheduled to start filming for the Hollywood film “Speed Racer” next month in Germany.

Meanwhile, American comedian Stephen Colbert continued his so-called “feud” with Rain, even poking fun at the Korean media’s reaction.

In his comedy show “Colbert Report,” Colbert said Korean media lashed out at him for earlier comments against Rain. He quoted a Korean news article saying “(Korean) netizens were enraged that it was white supremacy.”

“White supremacy? This whole thing is about how I came in second. If anything, it’s Korean supremacy. I’m the one who should be mad. Koreans have been trying to keep the white man down ever since we invaded their country,” he said.

Colbert ranked second in Time Magazine’s online poll of the most influential people of 2007, following Rain who landed the top spot.

“I am just an artist trying to share my music with the world and if I happen to crush a certain Korean punk in the process, so be it,” he said.

Source: Korea Times


6 thoughts on “Now we know why Rain is not called Rain in US

  1. i’m no fan of Bi but i sympathise with him in this … those people are just plain ridiculous or … maybe malicious? if i were him, i would have just used the name ‘Bi’ … why need to use the ‘translated’ version of it? who cares if some of those Americans can’t pronounce it?

    by the way … i wonder if such common word like ‘rain’ can be ‘trademarked’ and therefore excludes the usage of the word by others??! maybe i should open up my Intellectual Property Law books to find out eh?

    as for some of these so-called comedians, i guess they would have to make jokes at the expense of others (including their own parents) in order to be funny. i hope they will just stick to making fun of their own celebrities … who are already used to such treatment.

  2. Using Bi in the states has sexual connotations-
    would not work.

    entertainers cannot have exactly the same name, re union rules etc. actors sometimes have to change their real names.

  3. Ok… I’m not a fan of Rain but this is really messed up… Even tho I do live in the US I think this is b/s. So I guess Rain has to use his real name or something, but he should worry tho because his fans in the US already know him as Rain and will remember his new name or w/e. But no matter what people will still call him Rain.

  4. WTF?!? It so useless and it’s such a waste of time. America will do anything to have money. That is so stupid. Rain is such a commond word. What, are they going to suit everyone that’s using this word, even to call nature’s thing the rain?

  5. even though I don’t really like rain but I really feel sorry for him in this case, this is the reason why I hate american media and those “I think I’m funny” comedian.

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