200 Pounds Beauty – the musical version

I wonder who will be playing the leads 🙂 – they should find Kim Ah Joong back coz that girl can sing. Also find Joo Jin Mo too coz he also can sing (he has a band or formed a band before, if I remembered correctly). LOL, those are wishful thinkings…

Another reminder: the movie is opening here in Malaysia this week. Please go and watch it, if you can 🙂 .

The picture below: the dress looked familiar -she wore this dress in the movie, right?


The movie ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ will be made into a musical production.

The production company Shownote revealed on the 5th that they will be creating a musical version of the movie with the movie production company KM Culture.

The movie ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ which gathered more than 6.62 million to the theatres late last year is a romantic comedy that brought Kim Ah Joong to stardom.

The musical production comes amidst a recent boom of ‘movicals,’ movies revised to musical format productions, and as a result of early interest of the musical potential of the movie.

Shownote commented, “Songs such as ‘Maria,’ ‘Byul(Star),’ and others will be used in the musical as well along with a few other new pieces. The production will be placed in a theatre with approximately 1,000 seats late next year.

Source: BroAsia.com


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