[MV] Kim Gun Mo – Scarecrow

I really liked this song – it has that everlasting quality to it. You do not need to know the lyrics as the melody already told you that it is a sad song and Kim Gun Mo really sings it with his heart. The MV starred Park Ji Yoon, herself a singer. She looked simply stunning in this MV. The lead actor was played by someone who resembles Vanness Wu 😛 and his name is Lee Chun Hee.
Here’s what Arirang said about the meaning behind the song:

It uses the scarecrow, who is helpless to do more than watch someone leave, as a vehicle to describe letting go of a lover. The music video, set in the 1970s, gained even more attention for the fact that it featured Park Ji-yoon.

The story about this MV was about 2 girls and 1 guy but this MV has a twist to the end 🙂 .

Note: click for larger version

MV title.

The MV started by showing a girl on a balcony, waiting for someone, while blowing bubble gum. The girl is Park Ji Yoon.

Then we were shown a scene of a man (Lee Chun Hee) lying on a rain-soaked road. The camera then panned to the background of a girl walking haphazardly…

Then we have a flashback as we were shown the same man cleaning his car and suddenly got distracted by 2 beautiful girls walking past by him…

The pen and paper belonging to the guy, which he uses to write a letter!

He turns out to be a private driver (I think) and he’s pretty taken by Park Ji Yoon 🙂

He gave his letter to Park Ji Yoon, who’s also has a liking for him…

and they became a couple ^_^

But the other girl, Park Ji Yoon’s best friend, is heartbroken as she had also falling in love with him…then something happens…(watch the MV)

Fast forwarding to the present as we saw the same man taking an escalator and on the opposite site, we have Park Ji Yoon again.

They recognised each other !

Argghhh… the other girl again !


Download MV – 42 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere


6 thoughts on “[MV] Kim Gun Mo – Scarecrow

  1. michelle, no it means times have changed and what meant to be yours may not be now.

    In the first story arc (1970s), both were in love but they were forced to separate by the girl’s friend. Cut to 2000s (like 30+ years later), both met again but this time, she already has someone.

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