Lee Hyo Ri at SG Wannabe+ Japan concert

SG Wannabe+ has their concerts in Japan during the weekends. Their guest star was Lee Hyo-Ri. Similar to their Seoul concert, Whyme was in charge of dancing with Hyo-Ri. Here were some of the pictures I have from SINA.

According to SINA article, they had their concerts on the 3rd of June and they had 2 shows – 3 pm and 7 pm on the same day! O_O Why so rush ? Around 6 thousands people attended their concerts and they were all full house. Each of them performed by a dance solo (!) and they sang songs from their 1st to their latest albums.

Lee Hyo-Ri also had a press conference with Lee Dong-Gun the next day (4th) to promote their one-shot drama ^^. Hyo-Ri said in that press conference that she has decided to expand her career in Japan. She’s likely to use her similar image (as in Korea) in Japan.


Original source: SINA.cn
English translation summary: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits, with no additional credits, for posting elsewhere


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