Goodbye Sadness Koo Jung Hyun Vol 1 – cover and tracklist

Aha…that guy finally revealed his name! And released the full album. It seems that Goodbye Sadness is the title of his debut album. 😛 Makes us so confused ><. Now, I am waiting to see his live clip …

His Korean name is “구정현”.

Album Title: Goodbye Sadness

Release: 1st June 2007

01 오죽했으면 (Harmonica Inst.) / Ojukhaesseumyeon
02 오죽했으면 / Ojukhaesseumyeon
03 그러니까 / Geu Reo Ni Kka *
04 깊은 슬픔 / Gi Peun Seul Peum
05 세 사람 / Se Saram
06 불꺼지는 사랑 / Bul Kkeo Ji Neun Sarang
07 그런 사람 / Geu Reon Saram
08 제발 / Je Bal
09 오죽했으면 (Acoustic Ver.)
10 그러니까 (Acoustic Ver.)

* denotes title track

Previously posted his pre-album single here. Also posted his first MV here.


I need help in checking the romanization of the tracklist that I have done. Thank you very much 🙂 .

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Sadness Koo Jung Hyun Vol 1 – cover and tracklist

  1. i managed to download the album too … but haven’t had the time to listen to it yet. i have also not been able to download the MV yet. i hope the link will not be expired by the time i get to downloading it!!

  2. Thank you fangorn for posting more info on Koo Jung Hyun..Its nice to have a name finely…Also thank u for posting his MV’s…does anyone know where I can d/l the hole cd..would like to hear more before buying it.

  3. do you have the lyrics to this song in korean?
    i’ve been looking for them everywhere and i can’t seem to find them :[
    AND geu ruh nee kah would be great too 😛

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