[Live] Hirai Ken – Kimi no sukina toko

This clip was from his Ken’s Bar performance. He performed this song accompanied by only his piano. Yes, he can play the piano . I like this version of the song as it is slower and you can hear his voice very clearly. IMO, he has a crystal clear voice.

He has this habit of singing with his eyes closed. LOL, some people find it annoying. I don’t mind actually.

A lot of people who never knew or saw him before thought he looked like a foreigner πŸ˜› . Now, his hair color is black. When he has his hair dyed to blonde last time, he looked even more foreign. Actually, he is 100% Japanese. He came from Osaka and they said that people who hails from that part of the Japan looked a bit different from the usual Japanese that we saw.

I have a few of his live clips that I will periodically post them online. He sings live really good.

As for Ken’s Bar, it is his favorite and annual event. It’s like a concert thingy but he applied the concept like a bar where you can drink beverages sitting in round tables and listening to his singing. He also has a habit of singing “Even If” on the piano at the end of the live show.

I haven’t actually following updates on him lately but so far, I haven’t heard any news of upcoming albums/singles. aish I’m a bad fan 😦

Download clip – 28 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere


4 thoughts on “[Live] Hirai Ken – Kimi no sukina toko

  1. I enjoyed this slower version too. The original PV (MV?) is very good too (and kinda cute). Ken Hirai’s vocals are quite exceptional. So anyway, thanks for posting this Live version. ^_^

  2. Steve, some of the fans actually “complained” about the MV coz of the girl who tried to steal his kiss…they also have some say in the cover of this single (Ken’s riding on a bicycle with a girl behind his seat) LOL .

    Anyway, I’ll his live of Catchball real soon because that’s one of my fav song of his.

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