Another Hollywood remake in the making – HK’s Enter The Phoenix

Hmm…I’m getting sick of hearing Hollywood remaking this and remaking that. It sounds as if they are running out of ideas to make films – not that they are coz if you looked at their list of films released for 2007 – a lot of them are really original films.

I quite like this film, even though I don’t think it is a heavy film – plot-wise. It is those film that you can watch without using your brains. And Daniel Wu is simply gorgeous in this movie (even though he played a gay guy!)

Tennenbaum rises the “Phoenix”

Written by Patrick Frater
Tuesday, 29 May 2007

“Bourne” franchise producer Andrew R. Tennenbaum will produce a remake of Hong Kong action comedy “Enter the Phoenix.”

Tennenbaum’s L.A.-based Flashpoint Entertainment acquired remake rights from Jackie Chan’s JCE Movies.

Original 2004 pic was directed and co-scripted by Stephen Fung, who also starred. Chan, Albert Yeung and Willie Chan produced the movie, which Yeung’s Emperor Motion Pictures repped for international territories.

Tennenbaum, who is in post on Paul Greengrass’ “The Bourne Ultimatum” for Universal and on soccer docu “Fandemonium,” is seeking writers and a helmer for the project.

“Stephen tells a great story and has a terrific sense of humor. This movie should be remade for a bigger, broader audience,” Tennenbaum said.

Deal was brokered by WMA’s Shanghai office.

Source: Variety Asia (link here)


5 thoughts on “Another Hollywood remake in the making – HK’s Enter The Phoenix

  1. heh … Daniel Wu playing a gay guy gain?? heh heh … i got his other movie about gays with Stephen Fung recently … Bishounen. not really his fan though i think he’s one of the most striking looking chinese actors but i just love Stephen Fung. too bad that he prefers to be behind the camera these days.

    u know, we share the same sentiment about Hollywood remaking everything especially Asian movies!

  2. He played gay role a few times. Bishounen, Enter The Phoenix and remembered that Jackie Chan + Shu Qi + Tony Leung movie, Gorgeous? He guests as a gay along with Stephen Fung LOL. That scene on the yacht was sooo funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. uh … i forgot about that Jackie Chan’s movie! mmm … why he’s always ‘acting’ as gay along with Stephen Fung eh? heh heh …

  4. someone knows from you as song at the beginning is called and who sings, where daniel wu in the kitchen isโ€ฆ salsa or tango song ???????

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