K.will – Foolishly Likely – from Syndrome OST

I actually uploaded this song to imeem but wordpress don’t allow me to use the codes 😦 .

I have no idea who starred in this drama/movie, the only thing I know is that it was released last year.

after listening to it, I think it is an OK song. Not bad but not as good compared to “Hon Ja Ji Neun Dal”. His vocal is still good. LOL, scrapped that -> his vocal is always good.

K.will – Foolishly Likely – Syndrome OST

I converted the original format that I have to MP3.

So what do you think of this song?


10 thoughts on “K.will – Foolishly Likely – from Syndrome OST

  1. HA! you beat me to it! where’d you find it?

    I actually like this song better than Hon Ja Ji Neun Dal. I don’t know if its the instruments but I think he had more fun singing this song. I feel his passion in this song more than the other one.

    I really want to get the lyrics to this song now. I hope someone can translate this …;)

  2. Nakiatala, I found it in soompi resources thread while I was doing my research on i (the new singer) profile. I couldn’t believe my luck when the link is still active!

    Hmm, you may try requesting the lyrics translation over at soompi.

  3. wow. Ur luck astounds me. I’m still waiting for them to fullfill my request for the album translation. I don’t like requesting too much. Feel like a leecher. lol. speaking of…u wanna send me the link for the song? 😉

  4. Thanks again for sharing another great K.Will song 🙂 You don’t mind sending me the two links for this song and the previous drama song? I’ve tried searching for it everywhere but nowhere seems to have it 😦

  5. this is actually the OST for a fanfic written by Guiyeoni — a really famous korean fanfic author. her fics have been/are being made into movies and dramas (ie. The Guy Was Hot, Wolf’s Temptation, etc). haha. for her fanfic Syndrome she actually had photoshoots where the actors playing her characters got to introduce themselves and K.Will himself sang at the ‘showcase’ of the fanfic with G-Soul, who also sang for the OST. people are still wondering if she’s gonna turn it into another movie/drama but no word yet. hope that helped!

  6. thanks for telling me one great song 🙂
    could you please send the link for this song to my e-mail?
    i couldn’t find it anywhere..

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