Hollywood is going to remake The Host

Gosh, either Hollywood is running out of ideas or that Roy Lee guy is really good at persuading/selling Korean movies to Hollywood for remakes.

Hollywood had already remake an Asian monster movie, i.e Godzilla. Even though they did a better job than the original Godzilla, you can’t actually compared them because they were digital vs man-in-rubber-suit movies.

As for The Host,  it’s considered as a anti-US satire…I wonder what the guys at Hollywood will do…anti-Iraq ? anti-terrorism ?

Talking about remakes – I saw “Old Boy” in this news article – what ??!!! O_O  It was part of a “trilogy” – so if “Old Boy” remake is good, will they go on and remake the other 2 ??

Renowned Hollywood filmmaker Michael Bay is interested in producing a remake of the movie “The Host,” according to Hollywood film producer Roy Lee, who bought the copyrights to a future remake.

Lee said the script of the upcoming remake of “The Host” is currently under adaptation and that the major production firm Universal Pictures would produce the remake.

Lee has so far remade a host of Japanese, Hong Kong and Korean movies in Hollywood including “The Ring,” “The Grudge” and “The Lake House.” Currently, he is preparing the remakes of the Korean movies “My Sassy Girl,” “Old Boy” and “The Poisoning” in addition to “The Host.”

Lee will present on the popularity of Korean culture overseas at the Seoul Digital Forum on May 31.

Source: KBS Global

One thought on “Hollywood is going to remake The Host

  1. I can’t believe they’re remaking so many Asian movies. I find it a slight insult that Hollywood thinks that they can basically copy movies and try to make a buck out of it simply because its in English and appeals to a wider audience.

    They’re going to totally ruin Old Boy. I’m simply cringing at the though T_T

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