Fly to The Sky will be back in June

They are back with Vol 7 next month. Am looking forward to their album.

A bit offtopic: Wheesung-ssi, FTTS is back in June and where are you???

FTTS will be making their official comeback in the 2nd week of June. They are currently busy with the album preparation. According to their agency, they haven’t decided which song is the title song yet. It has been speculated that the title song will be a song that fits the summer season and would likely be a R&B genre song. Last year, after their sixth album, they have been very busy with their solo projects. On the 25th May, they have previewed 3 songs from their album on online music sites.

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Note: This picture of HwanHee is before he has that coughsurgerycough.


6 thoughts on “Fly to The Sky will be back in June

  1. Yep, obviously before the ‘make-over’ LOL..that aside i am just so looking forward to their new album!. Oh ..Brian looks cute there..*pecks Brian’s cheek..devours HwanHee’s lips..* hehehe..

  2. inez,

    I have no idea why HwanHee did that – he looks completely perfect before… I hope Brian wont get influence by him! If not, I’ll write a long English letter to him in his site.

  3. Wow… He was fine the way he was… But owell Brian’s still a cutie! Can’t wait for this album!

    I love the way this site looks very nice!

  4. did hwanhee took surgery?because in this photo i dont see anything above his eyes but in wGM( WE GOT MARRIED) his eyes were wierd. he had layer. well i dont know how to call it.

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