200 Pounds Beauty in Malaysian cinema on 7th June

Yeah the movie is going to be screened here. Most of the Korean movies that were screened here were horror/monster movies. It’s rare that they (the film distributors) decided to bring in this movie. Well, being one of the best-selling movies in S.Korea did play a major factor!

I have already watched it and it’s fun. Not to mentioned that there’s a real gorgeous guy (Joo Jin Mo ) in it. Yes, you also have the gorgeous girl (Kim Ah Joong). Did I mention the music (original soundtrack) is good too ?Β 

The Star has an article on Kim Ah Joong (clickie here). Sigh! How I wish for both Kim Ah Joong and Joo Jin Mo to come here for some promotion πŸ™‚ .


6 thoughts on “200 Pounds Beauty in Malaysian cinema on 7th June

  1. i first saw Kim Ah Joong in When Romance Meets Destiny and thought that she was really gorgeous (and she has a real great figure). to my disappointment later, i found out that she had quite a lot of surgery to change her look to what she is now. *sigh* it’s a pity that a lot of the Korean beauties out there are actually ‘plastic’!

    uh, My Wife is A Gangster 3 will also be shown here. mmm … can’t they bring in movies other than romance and horror too?

  2. We’ve always loved Korean movies – they have a very refreshing theme. This movie is wonderfully good – the best movie Ive watched this year so far!

    Its about an overweight girl who had to loose weight just to get the attention – from the person she loves and for her career.

    Of course, this fairy tale comedy turns out beautifully as expected, and there were many moments to shed tears where you can really feel for the girl in her journey of accepting herself from both before and after surgery.

    With funny moments in between, this movie is a good movie to watch to inspire and be inspired, whether on a good or bad day.

    Truly recommended πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah.. love the music!

  3. i love 2oo pounds beauty .. Its really entertaining .. It’s really great and most of all it happens in real life .. Korean director is not just good in directing in drama but also a funny/real life story .. Hope there’s more funny/real life story that soon open .. n_n

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