Jeon Do Yeon won Best Actress at Cannes

WOW!!!!! Gosh! Congratulations to Jeon Do Yeon!!!

Even though some film reviewers (like the one on Variety Asia Online – clickie here) panned the film, overall they gave JDY the thumbs-up in her performance.

I only watched JDY in “You Are My Sunshine” and even though the film is OK for me, her performance, alongside with her co-star Hwang Jun Min, were good.

JDY is the first Korean to receive a Cannes award ^^. For the full list of 2007 Cannes Film Festival winners, clickie here.

The prize for Best Leading Actress was awarded by Alain Delon to South Korean actress Jeon Do-yeon for her performance in Secret Sunshine by Lee Chang-dong.

Jeon Do-yeon was overjoyed: “Good evening. I can’t believe I’m up here. I heard that there were masses of wonderful actresses during the Festival; I hope that I might be able to represent them today. I am truly honored, in any case, to have this Prize; I don’t know how to receive it… Of course, I want to thank the Cannes Festival and the members of the Jury. I thank director Lee Chang-dong, who gave me the opportunity to play this role, and especially the actor Song Kang-ho, thanks to whom I was able to exist. I thank all of you who appreciated this film Secret Sunshine. I will never forget it, for the rest of my life. Thank you very much!

At the laureates’ press conference, Jeon Do-yeon added this about her award: “It’s the first time I’ve come to a foreign festival. I was very honored to be invited to a festival as big as Cannes. Naturally, I’m delighted to have received this Best Actress award. Before the ceremony, I was really tense; I did all I could to relax, saying to myself that nothing would happen. The people around me wouldn’t stop talking to me about it, and I realy felt like hiding. I’d like to thank you all.”

Source: Cannes Film Festival Official Site


One thought on “Jeon Do Yeon won Best Actress at Cannes

  1. i’m so glad that she won the award. she sooo deserves whatever recognition she receives cos she’s one talented actress. this is one movie that i’ve been waiting to see because of the actors and in particular, because it is a Lee Chang Dong’s movie!! he hasn’t directed many movies (this movie is his fourth) but so far i’ve enjoyed all of his previous ones!

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