Artist Profile – i (아이)

i (아이)

Real name: Kim Yong Jin
Born: 18th October 1982
Height/Weight: 178 cm / 68 kg
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Libra
Agency: SidusHQ
Debut Album: Soulmate (22nd March 2007)
Career: Participated in OSTs like “Spring Day”, “Sad Movie”, “Perfect Match”, “Garden of Heaven” before releasing album.

Links: Official Site


01 Soulmate (2007)

01 One Person
02 Habit
03 Talk About Separation
04 Don’t Say Goodbye
05 Aftermath
06 Saying I Love You To Her
07 First Love
08 Pour Out Love
09 Always – duet with Park Soo Jin
10 Can’t get any better than this
11 Wish for another day
12 Would it be alright?
13 Please don’t leave
14 Hello / Goodbye (remake)


Single – Is There Love? (2008)

01 사랑이 있을까 / Is There Love
02 참 못됐습니다 / Really Can’t (Robbers OST)

Collaborations (OST, Other artists, etc):

Babo OST (2008)

01 외사랑 / Oe SaRang
02 바보 / Babo

Robber OST

01 참 못됐습니다 / Cham Mottwaetseumnida / Really Can’t

Spring Day OST (2005)

01 봄날 / Bom Nal / Spring Day
02 기억해줘 / Gi Uk Hae Jwuh
03 차라리 / Cha Ra Ri
04 가지마 / Ga Ji Ma
05 Ga Ji Ma (Tempo Version)

Sad Movie OST (2005)

01 기억해줘 / Gi Uk Hae Jwuh

Perfect Match OST (2004)

01 Ggeut Na Ji Ahn Eun Ee Ya Gi

The Garden of Heaven OST (2003)

01 Happy End

Note: For “Garden of Heaven” OST and “Perfect Match” OST, he used his real name “Kim Yong Jin”

Music Video

  • Talk About Separation (Soulmate Album)
  • Spring Day (Spring Day OST)
  • Gi Uk Hae Jwuh (Sad Movie OST)
  • Really Can’t (Robber OST)
  • 외사랑 (Babo OST)

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9 thoughts on “Artist Profile – i (아이)

  1. Fangorn, thanks for crediting me. I didnt realise I hv been listening to I´s Bom Nal until u sent me the links for translation. Thanks for the info.

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  3. Do you know where I can dL his album (besides the link posted by K-town)? The one that one person suggested to me in z-degrees has labelled the songs wierdly (not even korean); and they credited it to K-town.

  4. Hi there,

    I’m looking for his first album “Soulmate”, but not found yet.

    Could you please share me this album?
    Thank you so much.


  5. Hi, I love this mans voice I think it’s amazing!
    Thanks for gathering his info ❤
    Could you pretty please share Soulmate with us? :3
    Thank you in advance

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