[MV] SoulStar – Only One for Me and Eraser

These 2 MVs are old MVs but I want to “promote” them a bit. I love them to bits, owned both their album and single and been in my Winamp playlist for like ages πŸ™‚ . They are a trio and their vocals harmonize very well with each other. They were originally from YG Ent. but moved to SidusHQ last year (read the news here). I am still waiting for their 2nd album (their first with Sidus) but ahhh…like Wheesung, no news!

Oh, they have another MV from their single, I will post it later.

Note: same old same old…click on the picture for larger version

SoulStar – Only One For Me

* The first version of this song was by a Taiwanese vocal group, Tension (formed / trained by David Tao) and the title was “Wandering With The Moon”. The composer was Lee Sang-In. Some said that SoulStar version was the remade version. Actually, I believed Lee Sang-In composed the song for SoulStar but Tension released the song first. Even though I do like Tension’s version, I actually preferred SoulStar’s version.

MV title. Looked at how creatively they used those signboards πŸ˜›

This MV has 3 plotlines: (1) Between a DJ and a music store owner. (2) Between a father and a daughter. (3) A composer who has a crush on a ballerina. I’m going to group the caps that I’ve captured based on the plotlines. SoulStar never appeared in this MV.

DJ and music store owner:

The interesting thing was in that picture when the DJ was holding that “Soul Star” LP. And she played it on her radio show LOL.

Composer and ballerina:

😦 No happy endings for the composer. Oh, this composer guy is actually very familiar looking…

Father and daughter:

The little kid was very cute and so was the father.

Download MV – 48 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere

SoulStar – Eraser

* This MV was from their single, “Eraser”. I love this song a lot – more than Only One for Me.

MV title. Coffee ^^.

Maybe the weather’s too cold that he uses the heat from that coffee…

Found an old item…

…and therefore, triggered his memory of…

…something that he has forgotten…

…they used to like different brand… uhm, is that Starbucks?

…ahhh…some memories were painful…

…but painful enough to ignite ?!

Forgot to mention, this guy is also familiar looking πŸ™‚

Download MV – 33 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere


9 thoughts on “[MV] SoulStar – Only One for Me and Eraser

  1. i love Soulstar’s Only One For Me MV … mainly due to Lee Min Ki (the cute father … heh heh). he’s in Dalja’s Spring, Really Really Like You and most recent in the movie with sexy Kim Hye Soo, A Good Day for An Affair.

    in the last picture, the guy looks like Kim Jae Won. is he the same guys as in the other pictures?

  2. I’d never heard of this group (Soulstar), but trust your taste in music, so downloaded both videos and have just listened to them. Both are good (I was intrigued with the second one starting with a cup of coffee since that’s my beverage of choice… ^_^). Smooth R&B is right up my alley these days. So, thanks!!

  3. thanks for the MV… i like to watch MV… i really really never heard of this group… thanks for the MV… i will try to listen to their song

  4. I was wondering if you had mp3’s of these songs. I loved Only One for Me. One of my favorite music videos of all time. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  5. Thx so much for the MVs and caps, is it possible foryou to re-up Soulstar – Only One for Me again to SS, cos’ the file expired. Thx in advance

  6. could you please upload this 2 mv, if you don’t mind…
    i’ve been searching for it…
    thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. I LOVE LEE MIN KI…. he’s so cute… I believe he’ll be a good father in the future… hehe… The song “Only one for me” is so meaningful… I like the chinese version too, but the korean version is the BEST…!!

  8. thanks for sharing!!!
    ( but i couldn’t download SoulStar – Only One For Me [mv]can u please send it to me or tell me where can i downlaod i really like this mv )

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