[MV] Goodbye Sadness Koo Jung Hyun – Ojukhaeseumyun

LOL, you must be wondering why I post so many MVs in one day. Uhm, one reason is that I have too many MVs to share, if I post them at a pace I usually did, I will lose that “share” moments.

Note to inez: you may like this new singer coz he has mid-to-low tone voice 🙂

Of course, this MV featured HighKick’s Jung Il Woo (who was previously in SAT- This is Me mv [link here]) and Baek Sung Hyun (that younger “Kwon Sang Woo” in Stairway to Heaven)

** The singer has came out with his real name -> Koo Jung Hyun ^^ **

Oh, the singer is called “Goodbye Sadness”. I have posted the single cover/tracklist yesterday (here). Why he was called that….err… no idea.

Note: clickie image for larger version

Introducing Jung Il Woo…

Baek Sung Hyun – he does not look as fragile as he was back in STH drama

The villain – no idea what is his name…lol, can’t read korean

Jung Il Woo with ehm a cigarette and playing cards

Looked how mighty fine this boy had grew up.

From these angles, he looked a bit like Hyun Bin O_O

Smiling Jung Il Woo

This guy was in Puzzle (movie starring Joo Jin Mo) and I’m positive this guy’s name is Park Jeon Seok. Even though he only appeared for a few moments, he played BSH brother in the MV.

Ah…I will patiently wait for the 2nd part… LOL, as if I have a choice…

Download MV – 49 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere.


14 thoughts on “[MV] Goodbye Sadness Koo Jung Hyun – Ojukhaeseumyun

  1. he has gorn up .. isn’t ..
    i like Baek Sung Hyun in STH …
    he so sweet in STH .. i even can fall in love with him in there ..

    hehehe …

  2. I can’t believe that’s Baek Sung Hyun! My friend and I were watching the video and were all like “Zomgz, is that him?!”

    He’s grown up to be rather good looking

  3. altho i’m not a korean i love its culture esp the music… i’ve been looking for this song over the internet but sad to say i couldn’t find this. i want to download this and have this in my pc and mp4. i really like the voice of koo jung hyun. we have no wide variety of korean albums here in the philippines.

  4. hi

    its me again!

    plz,plz, i beg u by all my heart, i love to have this mv, may i ask u to upload this somewhere??

    links didnt work both parts didnt work.

    plz, plz. i really really love this and i cant find it anywhere.

    plz, help me by this
    i would be grateful of u for ever.


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