Lee Jun Ki – Red Carpet 2 interview continuation

I posted the first excerpts of the interview show last week (here). Actually I have this second excerpts the day after I posted the first one but got delayed posting this one.

I slimmed down because of Jang Dong Gun, my small eyes don’t have strength…

In the Red Carpet 2 show, for the first time Jun Ki explained why he decided to lose weight. He said the reason was due to Jang Dong Gun.

Jun Ki was thinner now compared to his days during “The King and Clown” and “Fly Daddy”. Currently he is busy filming his new drama, “The Time Between Dog and Wolf” and it will be screened in July this year. He was working hard in slimming down for his character in the drama and he has successfully slimmed down 7 kg so far.

He explained the reason why he slimmed down. He said that it was due to Jang Dong Gun’s character in “Typhoon”. After watching that movie, he thought that the slimmed down JDG looked more handsome and strong. JDG oozed with masculinity and really have charisma. He thought that the role in that movie was successfully was because of the new JDG image. Inspired by JDG, he decided to shed his “bishonen” image. In the beginning of slimming process, due to incorrect method, he gained 3 kg instead of losing them. He was having headaches because of what happened. After he seek help from professionals, he managed to successfully lose his weight.

He also expressed he was not satisfied with his current height. He said, “I’m only 178m tall. I think I’m a bit short. I envy Daniel Henney’s and Cha Seung Won’s height. If only I am 180m tall.”

He’s not satisfied with some part of his face, too. He said, “Not only I’m short, my eyes don’t look good. They’re too slender, I don’t really like them. I like men’s eyes that are determined (have strength?) but I have smiling eyes *. I will have difficulties taking on villain role.” He added, from head to toe, the parts that he are satisfied are his arms and abdominal (stomach/chest ?) muscles.

* 但是我自己却长了一双笑眼 – this is the original sentence. IMO, I don’t really understand what is “笑眼” but I guess eyes that do have strong power or funny eyes.

Chinese Source: SINA.cn
English translation: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credit when posting elsewhere and please do not add any other credits


6 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki – Red Carpet 2 interview continuation

  1. wah, he’s not satisfied with so many things. but since ppl say he had surgeries done already, i wonder why he didn’t fix those stuff he mentioned? and *what* exactly did he do then?

  2. o__Ox;; junki had surgery? since when? i thought he WANTED surgery for his eyes, but hasn’t had any surgery done? i mean, he looks exactly the same since he was younger.. xD the only thing that changed really was his physique (sp?) & hair? correct me if i’m wrong. ^__^x;;

    thanks for the info!!! ^__^x

  3. This is just what I think. Lee doesn’t realize how good he is already. He’s pretty and handsome. Handsome has already increased in his features due to his haircut. What I think is that he wants to be like other men, strong, strong features, known for someone you can look up to, I guess. I’m guessing that he’s smoking, getting surgeries, and getting a tattoo for trying to become, no, LOOK like a strong man. And slow down, he thinks he’s short. You should see this midget in my middle school, he’s half my height!
    Course, Lee shouldn’t worry about these kind of stuff. I’m just glad he kept his face after he cut his hair. That kept me happy.

  4. I think Junki is perfect for the way he is
    hey isn’t he like 6 feet in american measurements
    that’s not short!!
    i’m like wat 5′ 2″
    Junki i love u just the way u are
    and i’m sure that many girls would agree with me on that
    i think junki shouldn’t smoke or get tatoos or get surgeries
    to try to be manly i mean if u think about it
    if junki was manly and normal like other guys
    then there wouldn’t be anything special about him
    and he might not evn be famous today if he doesn’t like the way he dos now… right??
    why does he worry so much
    he knows we love him
    right girls? lol

    I love you Junki
    don’t worry so much
    put down the cigarette
    and don’t forget to eat =D ily!!

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