What Tei will do in Japan next month…

Well, I hope his activities will be a success like last time ^^. I also hope K will be there. It’s a shame, there’s no link to download that Music Island show šŸ˜¦ . Oh, have you heard him sing Lee Ki Chan’s Beauty song? O_O wow…very nice !

Ballad singer Tei will hold a fan meeting June 30 in Kobe, Japan after a two-year hiatus.

At the meeting the singer will give a live mini-concert, hold a talk show and shake hands with all guests.

Tei will also give concerts in Tokyo on June 29 and in Osaka on July 1, where he plans to captivate his audience members’ hearts with his charming voice.

Currently the singer, whose fourth album called “Lover” has become a big hit, is hosting a radio show for the first time since his debut four years ago. The show is called “Tei’s Music Island” and airs on KBS Radio FM2.

Source: KBS Global


2 thoughts on “What Tei will do in Japan next month…

  1. i’m a big fan of him… where did u see the perf? (the one that he sang lee ki chan’s song) thanks for the info… anyway, i like ur blog… quite interesting

  2. I didn’t see the performance as he performed in his Radio show. But someone ripped it and send to me ^^.

    I can send the song to you, if you want.

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