Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh and Isabella Leong in The Mummy 3

WOW! First time that I heard there’s so many Asian stars (HK) in a Hollywood production. The Mummy 3 is schedule to open next year (July 11) and our heroes in previous Mummy movies – the O’Connell family – will return as well.

🙂 this is cool….

Isabella Leong to Fight the Third “Mummy”

Rising young actress, Isabella Leong, will join the star-studded cast of “Mummy: Curse of the Dragon,” the third installment in “The Mummy” movie series.

The 18-year-old film star from Hong Kong will act as the daughter of a wizard, played by Malaysian actress, Michelle Yeoh, and together they will fight the mummy, played by Kung Fu star Jet Li, along with his mummy troops. The mummy is China’s first Qin Dynasty Emperor, now a shape-shifting entity, who was cursed by the wizard centuries ago.

Leong also recently showed up at the 57th Berlin Film Festival in February with the movie “Isabella,” in which she plays the illegitimate child of a Macao policeman. She is expected to fly to Canada as the latest Mummy installment starts shooting in July, and will come back to China to shoot in Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors museum. The movie is scheduled to open to the public in July 2008.

Source: CRI English

Additional story link -> IGN Mummy 3 Exclusive story.

7 thoughts on “Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh and Isabella Leong in The Mummy 3

  1. place you have LW!. Love it!..Oh yeah i’m all for Mummy 3! All Asian cast..who’s the mummy?.. so it’s gonna be another action/horror flick. Awesome!

  2. inez,

    the mummy will be Jet Li and he has a mummy troops. They are all Terracotta mummies.

    Michelle and Isabella will be wizards..ehm…in this case, should be witches.

  3. Yeah me 2. I watched Spider Lilies and now I’m in love with Isabella. She’s so pretty and cool at the same time ^_^. That Luke Ford guy and Rainie are so lucky. They get to kiss her @_@ I’m green with envy…

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