44th DaeJong Award Nominees

** Updated with the link to the full list of nominees -> refer to comment #6 below **

Eh I dont have the full list but the newspapers (HK Yahoo News, SINA and TW Yahoo News) said that “200 lb Beauty” is nominated for a total of 12 nominations, 1 more than “The Host”. The awards will be held next month.

Kim Ah Joong (200lb Beauty), Moon Geun Young (Love Me Not) are nominated for Best Actress alongside with Kim Hye Soo (Tazza: The High Rollers). Uhm Jung Hwa (For Horowitz) and Yeh Ji Won (Old Miss Diary) are also nominated for Best Actress.

Song Kang Ho (The Host), Jo In Sung (Dirty Carnival) are nominated for Best Actor with Ahn Sung Ki (Radio Star). Sol Kyung Gu (Voice of A Murderer) and Lee Dae Geun (Mr. Lee vs Mr. Lee) are the remaining 2 nominees.

Bi is nominated for Best Newcomer award for his role in “I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK”. Bi’s rivals in this category are Daniel Henney (Seducing Mr. Perfect), MC Mong (Riverbank Legends), Ryu Deok Hwan (Like a Virgin) and Park Kwang Jung (Driving With My Wife’s Lover).

Lee Wan’s sister, Kim Tae Hee, is nominated in the Best Newcomer (Female) category for her movie “The Restless”. Her rivals are Hyun Young (Choigang Romance), Go Hyun Jung (Woman On The Beach), Shin Ae Ra (Ice Bar) and Jo Yi Jin (Over The Border)

Besides the Best Actress nomination, “200lb Beauty” is nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Music, etc.

Other nominees besides “200lb Beauty” for Best Film are “The Host”, “Radio Star”, “Family Ties” and “Dirty Carnival”.

Source: HK Yahoo, TW Yahoo, SINA
Translation: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
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7 thoughts on “44th DaeJong Award Nominees

  1. Daniel Henney??LOL…speechless on that..
    Radio Star is a good movie, wonder why they put it in the same league as 200 pounds of beauty. Dirty Carnival’s a good one too, Jo Insung is great there. and why not For Horowitz instead of 200 pounds of Beauty for Best Film?

  2. i remember reading somewhere where it mentioned that the daejong film festival is the korean version of the oscar? really?? if it is, then i’m speechless, i guess either they are out of nominees or they are just randomly choosing some actors to made the top 5 list looks complete…

  3. Anne,

    I’m not quite sure actually. I know there are 2-3 of these awards and I remember there’s another called Blue Dragon. I am now trying to search for the complete list coz Im missing Supporting nominees, Director, Screenplay, etc.


    Maybe they are running out of Newcomer for awards and yes, I have no idea why Daniel Henney is in that list!

  4. I found them – the Supporting Awards, etc.

    The full list is available here

    Anne, Lee Bum Soo is nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role in The City of Violence

  5. Thanks!

    Some of the nominees on certain categories doesn’t sound right, hmmm…

    Hyun Young for Best New Actress in that horrid movie The Perfect Couple? Daniel Henney? Huh?

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