Virgin Snow – 9th at Box Office

Hmm…why do they say it is a Korean film? I thought it is a Korean-Japanese collaboration movie… no ? I think they are exaggerating a little when it comes to anything Korean (artists, movies, etc) happenings in any country outside S.Korea – especially in Japan. :/

Lee Jun-ki’s full-scale advance into the Japanese market has been deemed a success.
The actor stars in the Korean-Japanese joint venture film Virgin Snow, which opened in Japan on the 12th. The film, starring Lee and popular Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki, is a love story set against the beautiful backdrop of Kyoto, Japan.

According to a Japanese entertainment site, Virgin Snow placed 9th at the box office last weekend, setting a record for a Korean film released in Japan. Last year, Hallyu actress Choi Ji-woo’s movie ,Now and Forever, and movie star Jang Dong-gun’s Typhoon opened in Japan, but their opening week box office stats fell short of Virgin Snow’s record.

The actor and his leading lady greeted fans at the movie’s premiere in Tokyo. Reservations for tickets for the movie’s opening day were sold out within 5 minutes and it is reported that online auction sites even sold tickets for almost 10 times their value.
Lee was surprised by more than 700 fans who gathered at Narita International Airport to greet the star when he arrived in Japan.

Source: RKI KBS

9 thoughts on “Virgin Snow – 9th at Box Office

  1. yoo hoo … i hope the dvd will be released soon and i hope there’ll also be Making of … dvd released too, which is quite common in Japan (where the Korean stars are concerned). and i hope the movie will do really well.

  2. uh … i wunder … do u want the Japanese theme song for this movie by Naotaro Moriyama, that is if u still dun have it. it’s quite nice. i think the title of the song is Mirai. i also got the live version of the song … which i find nicer than the studio ones.

  3. I fall in love with Lee when he act in my girl. My first impression is what a pretty boy. But he did a very good job

  4. Can’t hardly wait to see Virgin Snow!!!!
    Jun Ki so far has done a great job in different characters of his movies ‘n tv series..

  5. He’s way more than a pretty face, can’t wait to see this movie. Lee Jun Ki is a great actor, Soooo happy to hear about his success in Japan, all his hard work is paying off…

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