4Men new single, Seon Mul, cover and tracklist

Oh my, they are back ^^ with a new single. It looks like for some aid for African kids. I love their vocals (and harmonization). This single only has 1 song with 2 versions (excluding the instrumentals). J1, 4Men’s lead vocal, will have a solo part 🙂 .

I also captured the melon promo event page and it has a picture of all 4 members. If I’m not mistaken, J1 is the guy in braids. Both songs were produced by Park Sun Ju. If you remembered that My Girl fan-made MV that I’ve featured long time ago – the duet between Kim Bum Soo and a female singer. That female singer is Park Sun Ju. I think they are the same person.

I’m waiting for the MV to be released 🙂 .

Single Title: Seon Mul / Futures

Release Date: 21st May 2007

01 선물 (4Men_Produced By 박선주) / Seon Mul – 4Men (produced Park Sun Ju)
02 선물 (J1_Produced By 박선주) / Seon Mul – J1 (produced by Park Sun Ju)
03 선물 (Inst.) (4Men Ver.)
04 선물 (Inst.) (J1 Ver.)

The melon.com event page (click for larger version):

Source: Melon.com


6 thoughts on “4Men new single, Seon Mul, cover and tracklist

  1. 선물 means present (gift) ..
    it’s sp lovely. I means the cover and the single title ..
    so match and perfect ..

    thanks for the info ^^*

  2. I posted the MV already. I’m not sure if it is still active or not but if it is not, you can always inform me (by commenting)

    Go to 4Men in the categories on your right and navigate thru the archive posts – it should be somewhere there.

    I also posted one of their other MV (from their Andante album).

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