Mr.Children, B-side, album cover and tracklist

This album was released last week, >< I have totally forgotten about it. It’s a 2-cd album. The release is to celebrate their 15th year in the industry.

Album Title: B-Side

Release Date: 10th May 2007


Disc 1
1. 君の事以外は何も考えられない / Kimi no koto igai wa nani mo kangaerarenai
2. my confidence song
3. 雨のち晴れ Remix Version / Ame no chihare
4. フラジャイル / FURAJYAIRU / fragile
5. また会えるかな / mata aeru kana
6. Love is Blindness
7. 旅人 / tabibito / traveller
8. デルモ / DERUMO
9. 独り言 / hitorigoto
10. Heavenly kiss
Bonus track: Nishi e higashi e -East Remix-

Disc 2
1. 1999年、夏、沖縄 / Year 1999, Summer, Okinawa
2. 花 / Hana
3. さよなら2001年 / sayonara 2001 nen
4. I’m sorry
5. 妄想満月 / mousou mangetsu
6. こんな風にひどく蒸し暑い日 / konna fuu ni hidoku mushi atsui hi
7. ほころび / hokorobi
8. my sweet heart
9. ひびき / hibiki
10. くるみ -for the Film – 幸福な食卓 / kurumi – for the Film – koufuku na shokutaku
Bonus track: Nishi e higashi e -West Remix-

Tracklist source:
Album picture source:
Romanized tracklist: with help from Jim Breen’s Online Dictionary and Mr.Children Unofficial site
Bonus tracklist source: Mr.Children Unofficial site


2 thoughts on “Mr.Children, B-side, album cover and tracklist

  1. hey … i haven’t thanked you for the album I Love U. hontou ni arigato gozaimashita!! by the way, may i request for the last 7 tracks … heh heh!

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