Korean artists and plastic surgeries…

I was partly inspired by the discussions going in Lim Chang Gyu profile thread – very hot and funny discussions over there 🙂 . So the idea struck me to make a list of Korean artists that have went under the knife – confirmed (as in the artists admitted themselves) or otherwise. Now, this is not a thread to “degrade” them, so please do not bash them or say worst stuff about them. If you know of any artists that have surgeries done or rumored to have surgeries, please share it.

This is will be divided into “Confirmed” and “Rumored”. In order to appear in the Confirmed section, the artist have to admitted the surgery himself/herself – either they have said it on TV/Radio show, published in newspaper/magazine/interview.

The Rumored section is a bit easier, since well, , you don’t have to be 100% true. But it should be not just your guess but what most people read/thought the artist have (either in internet, tabloids, gossips, etc).

Confirmed List

Female artists

:: Chae Rim – nose ** if I remembered correctly…correct me if Im wrong
:: Harisu – sex change **yes, I considered that plastic surgery

Male artists

:: Park Hyo Shin – double eyelid
:: Kim Dong Wan – nose
:: Kwon Sang Woo – double eyelid
:: HwanHee (Fly To The Sky) – various parts of the face (he confirmed it)
Rumored List

Female artists

:: Park Shi Yeon – various parts ** ?? **

Male artists

:: Park Hyo Shin – nose and lips
:: Hero (of DBSK) – double eyelid – he denied it (refer to comments)
:: Lee Jun Ki – nose, chin and eyes

Note: The rumored list is not to be “TRUE” – I compiled it either by user comments (refer below!) or when I read it up in those Korean forums. It is not meant to demean / bash the artists, which a LOT of the readers that came here think so. If you have been a regularly readers here, you would have noticed that I like PHS and LJK – with/without plastic surgery!


97 thoughts on “Korean artists and plastic surgeries…

    • im a korean and i have a double eyelid
      not all koreans have no double eyelids okay

      to all u stupid people who bitch about koreans
      yes so what if they get plastic surgery…they are pressured to look good on tv otherwise they wont get ratings its like america – all the americans get plastic surgery – u dont see a whole crowd of asians blabbing on about them do you?

      asians always trying to compete with each other
      get over it … if u dont know any koreans then dont bother bitching about them because its only the celebrities get them.

      • you think who did the plastic surgery does not wrong?…the truth is…who did the plastic surgery is not thankful to god.are they not feeling in pain?huhu..its really scary..i’m just feel symphatize to them(who did the plastic surgery)

      • i like korean people..so don’t get angry….

        i don’t get korean people who already famous get plastic surgery…like solbi..she look alright without plastic surgery..now she gets pick on like on star king and strong heart..ho dong is one and the pictures of her before..i feel sorry for her…
        they are also lots of disadvantage of it..people’ll knows if the famous people got plastic sugery..

        people should live with their own face or body or anything..i am not saying because im christian..

        there is alot of article that a more than 50% of people in south korea?? or korea got plastic surgery…

        your country getting famous because of having plastic surgery?? no way!!!

    • please get fatter like at least 20 pounds until it shows in your face then lose it. that statment is ridiculous, from a former fat girl I should know. stop fishing for a “news” story that doesn’t exist. geez there are plenty of koreans and others that have obvious surgery.

  1. oh yeah Park Shi Yeon..Eric’s babe..i dont know what she did but alot of discussions on her and ‘befores n afters’..

  2. Didn’t Hero from DBSK get a double eyelid or something like that? Well thats what I was told so I don’t know =\

  3. Foxy -> really? hmm..I put that in the Rumored list.

    if any of you have any information regarding any korean artists and their relation to Plastic surgery, please let me know by commenting here. Thank you.

  4. Girl all i know are the rumored ones … want me try? lol
    BoA? got nose! they say she had her eyes done to … not sure to me!

  5. girl found you this news
    Credit: Asianbite
    “Asian Celebrities Who Have Plastic Surgery, Sunday April 29, 2007 Hongkong”
    You may have heard that many celebrities have received plastic surgery although few of them admit it. Asianbite gossip queen has found several Asian superstars who are said to have surgery.

    In America, many celebrities retain their decidedly ethnic looks, such as actresses Zhang Ziyi, Sandra Oh and Lucy Liu, none of whom have sparked controversy for their looks. Their retention of their ethnic look does not seem to have affected their careers, either.

    Others of a different generation, however, have opted for surgery, such as action film star Jackie Chan, who underwent a blepharoplasty (double-eyelid surgery) in 1976. It is said that he wanted a more “Western” appearance. Shortly after, in 1980, he began starring in foreign films — namely American ones.

    There is much more speculation about celebrities and plastic surgery in Asia than America. They seem to have more work done in all areas of their body, from lifts to liposuction because of an increased pressure to constantly look pleasing. Many celebrities come under fire for rumors of having plastic surgery done, through compared “before” and “after” pictures. There is speculation that international film star Gong Li has had work done. Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki is rumored to have had 30 to 40 surgeries total, and there has been rampant speculation about Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam having repeated nose jobs. There was also speculation about Tracy Ip, Miss Hong Kong 2005, and Chinese television hostess Li Xiang, both of whom have denied rumors of surgery. Recently, Korean singer Kim Dong Wan of the boy band ShinHwa admitted that he had a nose job after having previously lied that he fell of the stage during a performance and broke his nose. Also, Singaporean blogger Dawn Yang, who was voted “Hottest Blogger” by hottestblogger.com, and featured in several magazines for her looks, sparked controversy in late 2005 when photos of her in junior college were leaked, in which she looked markedly different. She still has not made a definitive statement about the issue to this day. It doesn’t seem to have hurt her career, however, as she is currently filming an Asian television drama.

    Hong Kong model and actress Gaile Lok is one of the few celebrities who revealed that she had breast augmentations, and later removed them due to health problems. Lok actually came under greater media fire for dating Hong Kong actor and singer Leon Lai in 2006 than for her breast enhancements.

    The one major, well-known celebrity who has not had any surgery is one of Asia’s most popular current singers and actor Rain, who looks traditionally Korean yet is still rapidly gaining an international fanbase. Rain admitted in a CNN interview that he was actually rejected from several initial auditions for being “too ugly,” and for not having double-eyelids. It is said that he has not had any plastic surgery, which does not seem to have hindered his fame — he was named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World.”

  6. wow! thanks shenyue for the article. very long article – nearly gave me a fright when I saw the comments – coz it’s the longest comment I’ve ever received **clap**clap**

    very interesting read…

  7. Lee Jun Ki?
    I thought plastic surgery will leave unnatural look?
    I don’t really know…
    But he does look good
    nose, chin and eyes are too much
    eyelids can be considered normal
    but somehow having no eyelid is cute lol

  8. what’s the problem being plastic…. it’s there choice they chose it…. so i agree that they want to look better…to make everyone to be attracted to them…

  9. yeappp hero from tvxq did get double eyelid surgery. you can see from the videos before he debuted. and theres so many other people.. Kim ah joong, Kim Jung Eun, Hwanhee, Boa, Hyori, Hyunyoung, Ryuhwon, Yun Eun Hae, Jun Haebin, Bada, Soh YooJin, Baek JiYoung, Jeon JiHyun, Park Myung Soo, Chae yeon and theres so much more but i cant think of any more =D

    and boa got her eyes done 3 times..

  10. Not to be rude, but, do you really have any proof of Chae Yeon had surgery, because i’m just wondering because she looks exactly the same everytime I see her (not in person, in concerts on Youtube:P) and that’s lots of times =P !(Chae yeon fan…yup:P)…..time for me to bring up one of my heard rumors 😛 I heard Jeon Hye Bin got surgery because she got into a car accident. I heard Bae Seul Gi got double eyelid surgery and that Ayumi Lee got some sort of facial surgery. I’m pretty sure of the first 2 but the last is the most “rumory rumor” 😛

  11. is it true that yoon eun hye had undergone some plastic surgeries?..i’ve been trying to find her younger photos or at least in her teenage life,but i can’t find even a single one!

  12. to sexychikita: i think that’s quite true, at least for her nose. I have a picture of yoon eun hye years ago. Her nose is different . Now she got a sharp-edge nose, which actually makes her look beautiful.

  13. Chae Yeon did not get surgery. I’m 99.9% sure. get your facts straight before posting them publicly. because of asses like you, people gain notoriety for fake information.

    • do u have chae yeon photo from kid to teen?
      i’m not sure ’bout “natural face” of her
      i’m sure she did it

  14. Joe,

    which user’s post that you are referring to ??? I certainly didnt put Chae Yeon in either the Rumored or Confirmed list!

    As for the users’ comments -those are comments – you should take it with a pinch of salt.

  15. Lee Jun ki didn’t get surgery and KSW still has single eyelids. I don’t know where u get ur info from or why you bother making a page on Korean celeb “surgery” when a lot of Chinese do it too although not such a big deal is made since there is no “chinese wave”

    seriously.. I don’t get why you asians bash your own race..
    In my opinion at least the Koreans and Japanese are more honest about surgery

  16. Hero is just amazingly good looking. He is so lucky to be born that way. Even if he did get plastic surgery, it wouldnt have changed his face that much. He is amazing
    and so is Yunho

  17. Ok, well to all the people that are getting upset over this page let me tell you this. No one here is bashing any of these artists this was just talks of the rumors that have been going around.
    When these singers and/or actors/actresses become big they know what they will have to deal with. They know people will talk about them and dislike them for no reason. They also know that if they confirmed having any kind of work done to them people will think they got more then just that.

    I really think that the people coming on here bitching isn’t really reading the whole post or all of the comments. So think before you type and make an ass out of yourself… Thank you have a nice day.

  18. lol i got heaps of young fotos of chao yeon looks ugly, eun hye undergone nose job and double eyelids surgeries, chao yeon undergone EVERYTHING and if u dont believe me u can give me ur email and i will SHOW U PROOF. thankyou
    u can send me an email, no spam please its quite bothering only questions and i will reply nicely.

  19. u guys hu dont like ur looks should b happy with the way u r..bcos u r a star urself and ur natural..i dont want to offend fans but im trying to say that the TRUE beautiful ones r actually u guys not the HOT stars bcos u dont noe wut lies behind their faces. hope that helped xx

  20. Actually . . . Lee Jun-Ki said that he thought about having chin surgery (wanted a stronger jawline or somethin’) . . . but ended up rejecting the idea. ‘n he said that he was happy with the nose that his parents gave him, lol.

  21. well, all i know is mickey form tvxq got ‘double eyelid’ plastic surgery and not hero. also boa’s ‘plastic surgeries’ issues r still rumors coz she haven’t admitted any of dat ‘plastic surgeries’ things…

  22. Hmmmm…. all this gossip makes me want to say something… Well I do believe that people have gotten plastic surgery but I do know that some asians do have double eyelids… everyone in my family has it (naturally because my dad has it and my mom only has a little one)….. although I have it my double eyelid does not look as nice as my sister’s… I guess what I’m trying to say is that why do people have to go get surgery when they can use make up?? I know many people that has a single eyelid and still look hot…. they just know how to apply make up

  23. Definite – all the comedians like Jo Hae Ryun, Lee Kyung Shil, Hyun Young, and that other comedian girl from Yuh Girl Six. They all talk about getting their faces done.

    Ohk Joo Hyun and ShinJi admits getting their faces done, Ryun Won confirmed she got her face done on Happy Together.

    As for rumors, I am positive nearly all Korean celebrities got something done somewhere. Han Chae Young’s boobs and eyes are so amazingly obvious, so is Han Ji Hye recently got her eyes done, Boa’s eye lids are definitely surgically enhanced. Jang Dong Gun had his nose done. Who else… can’t think of anyone else of the top of my head…but yep, that’s my list.

  24. chae yeon did have surgery to enhance her beauty..n alot more korean beauties..if you want..i can send you their before and after pics..^^

  25. Interesting post. I say that Surgery is very natural in Korea/koreans. Either they have to change their eyes or everything.

    They also want their pictures “edited” and totally changed. They hate their moles and pimples. That’s a trivia now for you. 🙂

    If you say or notice that they have surgery it is very rude to them. But hey, they should face the fact that going under the knife surely will make you put in the hotseat.

    Suicide is also rampant in S.Korea as confided by a friend. 🙂

  26. all i heard was jaejoong had a surgery (nose and something)
    so did super junior eeteuk (nose)
    aahh.. and so jessica from SNSD… she even had it twice
    i hate her (not because she had a plastic surgery) because of what she is

  27. double eyelids can be so called ‘ produced’ . if you paste the double eyelid sticker for a long time, you might change from a single to a double. i believe jaejoongie did not undergo plastic. he looks exacty the same from he’s rookie days. he grew thinner that’s all.

  28. Park Hyo Shin looks so much different from his old picture, at least I thought he underwent A LOT of surgery as well
    Until yesterday I view a clip in YT which he was in back 2004/2003
    He seems thinner than the other clip throughout thaT( He fell sick at that time perhaps) I start to believe he might only get a double eyelids, and lose weight tremendously.

    Anyhow, I love him being a singer, no matter how he looks, what his friend treasure is his precious voice 🙂

  29. chae yeon did NOT GET ANY SURGERY! 100% sure couze ia m amassive fan of hers and she never get any plastic i knwo that for sure!

  30. Its possible that Jaejoong didnt get plastic surgery.
    Many koreans use the uhm..double eyelid..tape?
    its like this tape thing to create the double eyelid.
    OR he could’ve used this special type of glue that creates the double eyelid 😉
    wait lemme go check out his childhood pictures..
    thats so very unbelieveable XD
    i always thought he was naturally beautiful LOL

  31. jaejoong and micky did not have any plastic surgeries.any of the members of dbsk in fact never did.the only confirmed and *TRUE* surgeries that some of the members had were teeth reconstruction(veneers)for yunho,and eye surgery for junsu and micky.which is practically normal by the way.its for your own good too.:)

  32. I find it weird that Jun ki would want single eyelids instead of his double ones.
    Its usually THE OTHER way round >_>
    But im not sure. Though i did see his audition tape for something on youtube and i was pretty sure he had double eyelids o_o.
    Interesting fact >_>
    Whatever, i still love him.

  33. ayumi hamasaki.. I don think she did surgery… Yes i admit Im her fan but looking at her concert behind the scene…. where she has no make up on.. she looks totally different. she almost has no eye brown and her eyes are much smaller… and natural… so Its teh make up that enhance and beautify her looks…

  34. BoA did not get any surgery.
    And Han Ji Hye is natural. What do you mean she did her eyes? Her eyes are still single eyelid and the same as before. Different eye makeups do wonders.

  35. There are way more korean celebrities that is plastic than you mention. I am korean and I was shocked to find out that koreans in korea are very plastic. My mom took me there to visit relatives and only to find that over 75 of my korean relatives is plastic too. My mom said most koreans (about 75) is born with single fold eyelids and flat noses. My mom didn’t get it done cuz we moved to the u.s.a. way before plastics got so popular there. Kids at 14 are getting plastics and it is not surprise to see a few at 10 wanting to get plastics. This whole plastic thing is caused by korean celebriteis. Most are products of plastics. A few got some enhancement work and wasn’t born looking like a pig. Many koreans celebrities such as Kim Ajoon (200 pd beauty) is one of korean’s queen of plastics. Korea have many queen of plastics unlike USA which just have very few……….

  36. all these artificial skin will come later in the years….they will look like michael jackson sooner or later.

  37. Do you people have problems with plastic surgery?
    Is it because you can’t afford it?
    Find something else worth talking about.

  38. is that true jaejoong oppa did a double eyelid surgery????..yoochun oppa too???..Why??they’re already hot!!..but still love them so much…hehehe

  39. oooh………… thank god coz i already hv d-eyelids since birth…huhu, i really want 2 see jaejoong original face (without d-eyelids)….does he still look d same? saranghae jaejoong oppa….

  40. what bout snsd?someone pliz tell me whether they undergo plastic surgery or not………….coz i like em very muuuuuuch!!!!!!!!!

  41. is this for real???
    you guys not joking right…??
    i DON’T believe yoochun did surgery before!!!
    he looks perfect…can somebody show me the proof??
    however i hate the fake’s one…

  42. Well I think Park Hyo Shin did his eyes of course. BUT I think once people know a celebrity has done one plastic surgery they better watch out because people will go over board! his nose is the same his face is the same because to be so much more SKINNY than he was (I couldn’t believe he had that much to lose!) his face should look different. People should take that into consideration. I wish he was the same as in 2004, so hot, but the poor baby has been through a lot. especially with his record company and that’s where the weight loss occurred. His voice is still heavenly, the best! I prefer him heavier though.

  43. Human are not perfect… we are all born with weakness…And every weakness has its own solution… And significantly you need to pay something to do so. Off course we need to overcome every weakness that we have. But, it’s always playing with sacrificing something valuable. I think this should answer the main question of this boring stuff but yet entertain me to give some speech here. Furthermore, if we look into a different sides of human idea or maybe beyond human idea about this matter; this action (plastic surgery) actually showing that we’re not grateful for what we have, which is against the rules of the nature of originality(Be thankful to God ). But people always found out that, by saying so (Be thankful to God) is a way of someone tried to be tuff or they do not want to admit that they are actually suck… hahahaha by the way, I’m pretty handsome even though I have extra-ordinary gigantic volcanoes pimples on my face.. Prove– no girl dare to be my girlfriend because I’m am too handsome for them.

  44. Accept the fact if they had undergone plastic surgery .. Do not blame the people who make that kind of news if the news is correct .. yup! they do plastic surgery … they did to us (as well as a fan of them) .. but they are wrong because they have changed God’s creation …

    Indonesian artists also do plastic surgery ..

  45. Seriously, I don’t want to go for palstic surgery. I don’t if celebrities underwent plastic surgery, but I’m always interested in theirs looks before palstic surgery.

  46. when i read all of this, my eyes got like this –> O.O
    oh god~
    well, all i know is tvxq doesn’t did any plastic surgery, only they fix their teeth.
    they look diff than before, becoz t
    1.hey are MAN now not a boy again,
    2.they have lost much weight than when their debut (they even have biceps and sixpack now >///<),
    3.they get treatment for their face and body ^^ (they go to salon, beuty clinic and gym)
    4.they are more stylist now, so they can put any make-up which can make their face looks flawless and they know how to wear cloths what can make them look so sexy XD

    that's it ^^

  47. Accept the fact if they had undergone plastic surgery .. Do not blame the people who make that kind of news if the news is correct .. yup! they do plastic surgery … they did to us (as well as a fan of them) .. but they are wrong because they have changed God’s creation …

  48. Not all korean make plastic surgery,but who does that was very not thankful to god..look at other people that not make plastic surgery they look very adoreable….cute and beauty for boy they are handsome…not bad…haha,sometimes,i feel shame with the people that does the plastic surgery and also think i don’t want to see them…i feel shy..they are bad..bad..bad..bad..and bad from all people….

  49. doesn’t enough to just take care of your face but please don’t make the plastic surgery..haha..who’s does that they are funny…funny..hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahha…….

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