Han Chae Young is getting married in May

Ahh…congratulations!!! Korea’s Barbie found her Ken . This year, a lot of marriages – besides her, there’s Harisu and Jeon Do Yeon (already married). I think there were some more :).

Actress Han Chae Young will be wedded to a businessman who is four years older than her, in May.

On the 13th March, Chae Yong’s entertainment group, Star Jay, announced that she will be getting married to Choi Dong Jun. Though the date and venue are yet to be set, they have the full approval from each family side.

Han Chae Young’s fiancee is 31 years old [b. 1976].

Now, Han Chae Yong is filming ‘ I Live With The Person I Love ‘ with co-stars Park Yong Woo, Um Jung Hwa and Lee Dong Gun.

Source: soompi.com / MSN / Starnews


21 thoughts on “Han Chae Young is getting married in May

  1. god bless to han chae young…..
    i like her beauty,she is very pretty n sexy…
    actually i like the couple of han chae young n lee dong gun….

  2. i alsO like the cOuple of chun hyang and mOng ryoNg,,,!!!!!!!!!!!=)

    but congratulation ya n may God bless u!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv u han chae yoNg!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations……….
    Although it’s late but my blessings will not be expired. Lead a life with full of love and be happy always

  4. congratulations, Han Chae Young,your husband Choi Dong Jun are so handsome, but i like more if you and Jo Hyun Jae in only you get married… huhu…….buts its ok cause Choi Dong Jun, is sooooo cute………

  5. congratulation 😀
    I like u so much han chae young especially in ur sassy girl, chun-hyang drama.
    be happy !

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