Jung Da-Bin – Autopsy Confirms Actress’ Suicide

The death of actress JungDa-bin has been ruled as a suicide, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation said Monday after conducting an autopsy.

The initial autopsy results dismissed suspicions held by Jung’s family that she had been murdered.

“It is a typical death caused by hanging from the neck. Also, there seems no possibility for somebody to disguise the manner of her death,” said Seo Joong-suk, a forensic expert who oversaw the autopsy.

“Although we will announce the final result of a more detailed examination in two weeks, we cannot see any possibility that she was murdered,” he added.

The institute will check the body’s alcohol and drug contents by tissue tests. The family of the deceased including her father and medical experts participated in the autopsy as witnesses.

Seo said there were two scars: a new one and an old one. He said the new scar was less than six months old. While Jung’s boyfriend Lee Kang-hee told the police she tried to kill herself last year pointing out scars on her wrist, Jeong’s family and agency denied Lee’s statement, saying that the scars were there when she was in high school.

“The autopsy took longer than normal as the pathologists proceeded only after they reached full agreement on the next steps,” a source from the institute said, explaining the care taken in conducting the autopsy.

The autopsy was requested by Jung’s family and agency as they urged police to change the direction of the investigation from suicide and look at other possible causes.

Because of the autopsy, her cremation was delayed one day. She will be cremated Tuesday, her agency said.

By Kang Shin-who
Staff Reporter

Original Source: The Korea Times
Credit: sanbi @ soompi.com forums

😦 Guess it is suicide after all. She has already been cremated and her urn was put next to U;Nee, who committed suicide 3 weeks ago.


19 thoughts on “Jung Da-Bin – Autopsy Confirms Actress’ Suicide

  1. I couldn’t believe when I heard the news that Jung Da Bin committed suicide. She was a great actress. I saw her series like “Attic Cat” and “My 19 year-old-sister-in-law”. I’m so sad… I want to know whar’s the reason behind this. Condolence to her family… Jung Da Bin, may you rest in peace…

  2. i was really realy shocked!
    i lvoe her sooooooooooo much…i want to be with her…i am really sad.i want to die too…
    i ahve a collection of all her drama series..and movie. i love her at HE WAS COOL. i never thought she would do such a thing..! she became my inspiration..why da bin! why!!!!!

  3. She was my one & only korean actress favorite. She was pretty and a great actress. I had a collection of her pictures and movies. Sometimes I wish this was only a bad dream. But I guess it’s not. May she rest in peace. She will always be in our hearts, and she will greatly be missed.

    Depression is REAL. If any of you have a loved one that has the slightest sign of depression, please seek help before it’s too late. When in that dark, isolated place, each of us needs someone to toss down a “rope” to help pull us out. That “rope” or treatment may come in the form of support from loved ones, or the help of a counselor or mental health treatment. I read that some signs are:
    • Sadness, unhappiness, tearfulness
    • Sleeping excessively or being unable to sleep
    • Loss of energy
    • Loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed
    • Irritability
    • Difficulty thinking or concentrating
    • Sudden change in appetite
    • Physical discomfort
    • Feelings of worthlessness
    • Thoughts of suicide or death

    Please don’t be fooled by a sudden burst of happiness from a depressed person. It can be a really bad sign. It’s like the calm before the storm.

    Also, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to one’s health. Please drink in moderation.

    Again, to Jung Da Bin, my favorite Korean Actress, May you REST IN PEACE. You will be missed.


  4. I was so shocked wen i heard the news yesterday that Da Bin is already dead.I really really want to cry for the whole night wen i hear about it.She’s my favorite actress.Ever!!!! Da Bin may u rest in peace.God plz guide her

  5. i was really shocked..i ddnt know that shes dead…i really like her movies…she is a good actress. although i am a filipina i really like jung da bin…i miss u…

  6. People should stop being angry at her asking “WHY WHY” like she let you down. As I read through those posts I became ashamed of people. It’s not like you knew her personally. Demanding “why”.. did you even know of her depression… did you DO anything? No. You just sat there giggling at all the cute faces of her CHARACTERS. Those smiles are her CHARACTER’s smiles NOT hers. I really hate that about people. You have no right to demand an explanation. Did she ASK you to admire her?! You have no right to feel like she let you down. She DOESN’T KNOW you. Neither do you know her. Stop with all the fake ‘may you rest in peace’ while you turn around and forget about it the second your [girl/boy]friend calls. Saying “I want to die too” when you don’t mean it is rude to Da Bin.

  7. I disagree with the above poster Kaoru. I see her point but I find her wholly incorrect.

    When someone is a public figure and is in the limelight people will get attached to the person even if they don’t “know” the person. It’s natural for people to develop a fixation with those they see regularly and it’s normal to hold said people in admiration. For example take into consideration people chosen to be Chieftans of a tribe, they are looked on in admiration and respect and chosen. That being said, I think the poster above is extremely insensitive to how many of her fans feel.

    Further more, the reason she became famous and her shows were successful is not only dependent on the drama or film script itself, but also the actors playing the parts and how people identify with them and/or the actor/actress playing the role. From what I can see Jung Da-Bin had a strong following and it’s understandable for people to demand an explanation even if I find it unreasonable and rude.

    In any event, this is a sad thing to hear mainly I’m disappointed in anyone who would take their life (if I know them or not), but it’s not my place to question or throw in my rhetoric on life.

  8. i jsut started watching her movies, and her first movie was wonderful life as shin bi…really shocked that this happen.

  9. I know it’s only natural for fans to feel sympathy over the death of public figure, but the “why?, why?” outcries are starting to annoy me. It’s a complex question that nobody can really answer, and it’s futile to ask. Only her friends and family know what she might have been dealing with, and that’s their personal concern; the public/we don’t have a right to know. She made a decision to strangle herself; she murdered herself because she didn’t want to deal with life anymore. There’s a limit to the amount of sympathy i have for somebody like this, especially when she had a successful career, family, and friends. A lot of people don’t have those but they still find the strength to live on. I don’t intend to sound mean about it; this is all just speculation because I didn’t know her.

    There’s also the possibility that she had clinical depression; it is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and there really is no rhyme or reason for it all. In which case the only thing that could have been done was for somebody close to her to notice it earlier and gotten her some medical treatment.

  10. i only learned Da BIn’s death last night from my husband Mark who also of fan of her. i was so shocked because she’s too young and a great actress. i watched her movies and even have a dvd collections of her tv series. i love her especially in attic cat. i want to cry when i confirmed it through internet today. i really love da bin so much. may she rest in peace. my condolence to her entire family. from philippines with love.

  11. If jeon jang die of stress from scandal is true,perhaps then maybe some famous actress get same abuse before they became famous.when they became famous ,they could talk about it.it could ruin their image.

  12. It’s sad to hear that Jung Da Bin committed suicide. I seen many of her movies and I think she’s a great actress. I just started watching one of her drama again (My sister-in-law is 19). It makes me sad that she’s not here anymore. She’ll always remain in our hearts. RIP in Jung Da Bin.

  13. I’m a big fan of her too..Just love her happy go lucky character, so bright n cheerful..She’s a great actress that touch people in many ways. She might not know how many people had their life brighten by her smile ..I guess she won’t know it now.
    yes, we dont know her personally. we only judge her on how she looks on tv, dramas interviews.can’t denied it. But if u ever truly being a fan of someone, u’ll know despite of not knowing them personally we feel the bond with them. We feel sad n hurt if anything happens to them. We get angry when someone criticised them..To explain all of this feelings logically, yes dont make sense but u cant denied it either..I n lots of others out there felt it too…
    When someone that u love commit suicide n u just accept it not even asking why its not human. But to shout it out loud is not totally right either.I can understand why people might misunderstand this but people dealt with their grief differently. Being Angry is one way to show u care too right?
    BOTTOM LINE is WE ALL grief for her n LOVE her truly from our heart.
    I wish i can go to visit her grave someday..Dont know if I allowed to. I live outside Korea, if I ever visit Korea, I really2 want to
    I partly blame myself for not showing the fan love n support much…Maybe she will find more courage to overcome whatever prob she had if she had someone to hold on too.

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