Artist Profile – Monday Kiz

Monday Kiz – Kim Min-Soo & Lee Jin-Sung

Who’s Who: Lee Jin-Sung (left), Kim Min-Soo (right)

General Profile:
Group Name: Monday Kiz
Members: Kim Min-Soo & Lee Jin-Sung (refer to above picture for who’s who)|
Debut: November 2005
Song Category: R&B/Ballad
Management: Doremi Entertainment

Individual Profile:

Kim Min-Soo Profile:

Name: Kim Min Soo
Korean Name: 김민수
Birthday: January 14, 1985
Died: April 29, 2008
Blood-Type: A
Height / Weight: 175 cm (5′ 8″) / 63kg (139 lbs)
Currently Attending: Anyang University (Music Major – High Baritone)
Hobbies/Specialties: Exercising, Games, Singing
Music He Enjoys: R&B CCM (Gospel)
Singer(s) He Likes: Luther Vandross, Boys 2 Men
Motive Behind Singing Career: “After I found out my body moved to the beat of music”
Career Facts:
* 2001 Howon Festival, Gayo Section – Silver Award
* 2002 Howon Festival, Gayo Section – Grand Award
* 2003 Regional Music Award
* From November 2003 to June 2004, Singer in Misari Live

Lee Jin-Sung Profile:

Name: Lee Jin Sung
Korean Name: 이진성
Birthday: February 27, 1985
Blood-Type: O
Height / Weight: 175 cm (5′ 8″) / 63kg (139 lbs)
Currently Attending: Myung-Ji College (Applied Music Major)
Hobbies/Specialties: Movies, Taking pictures, Soccer
Music He Enjoys: Light & Salt – Don’t Leave My Side
Singer(s) He Likes: Stevie Wonder
Motive Behind Singing Career: “In Highschool, while I was in a rock band I decided I had to pursue a career in music”
Career Facts:
* Byun Jin Sub Show’s Chorus/Backdrop
* XO Concert Chorus/Backdrop


01 – Bye Bye Bye*My Impression*


01. Intro
02. Promise
03. Both Obligations
04. Loving You
05. Bye Bye Bye
06. Love I
07. Wound-Laden
08. You Try Being Hurt Too
09. Only You
10. Don’t Know My Mind
11. Even Though I Call and Call
12. Love II
13. This Kind of Man
14. 2nd Confession
15. Though I Live More
16. Love III
17. Redemption
18. Outro

02 El Condor Pasa


01. El Condor Pasa Intro
02. For Heaven’s Sake
03. Sae Sal
Butterflies Dream
05. Lonely Soul feat. Girlfriends
06. A Man
07. Kind Man
08. Do Dae Chae Nun Wae – Why You
09. One Man’s Diary
10. Lee Byul Eul Ap Ae Do Go
11. A Man’s Reason For Throwing Love
12. Regret
13. Bad Guy
14. The One


01 – Who’s Next in 2006 with Kyun Woo (Digital Single)


01. Shiver – Monday Kiz + Kyun Woo
02. How to Lie – Monday Kiz + Kyun Woo
03. To My Princess (feat. HaHa) – Kyun Woo
04. Keudaereul Chajaseo – Monday Kiz
05. JShiver (MV version) – Monday Kiz + Kyun Woo

02 – World Made by Science (Digital Single)


01. 과학으로 만든 세상
02. 로고송 1
03. 로고송 2
04. 로고송 3

03 – Love Actually (Voice One – Jang Hye-Jin, Monday Kiz, Ilac)


01 Sarang Yae Gi
02 Ha Nool
03 Sarang Yae Gi Instrumental
04 Ha Nool Instrumental

Collaboration Songs (OST, Other Artists, etc):

* Smile Again OST


04 Nuh Ae Gah Seum Eu Roh Gah Neun Geel – Monday Kiz

* Wolf OST


03. 운명 – Monday Kiz

* Invisible Man, Choi Jang-Soo OST


02. Can’t Stop Loving You – Lee Jin Sung from Monday Kiz
07. Sarangi Sarang – Kim Min Soo from Monday Kiz

* Another Myself – Girlfriends Album


05. Chingu-eseo Yeonini Dwegikkaji – Girlfriends, Monday Kiz, and Baek Ji Young

* Re-game? by N.EX.T Album


08. Inhyeongui Gisa (Featuring Monday Kiz)

* White Tower (K-drama) OST


09. Bi Myeon – Monday Kiz

Music Videos:

01 Bye Bye Bye (7+ min version)
02 Bye Bye Bye (27+ min version)
03 Wound-Laden
04 Shiver – Monday Kiz with Kyun Woo (studio version)
05 Shiver – Monday Kiz with Kyun Woo (drama version)
06 Can’t Stop Loving You – Lee Jin Sung (of Monday Kiz) for Invisible Man OST
07 How to Lie – Monday Kiz with Kyun Woo
08 Sarang Yae Gi – Jang Hye Jin, MK, Ilac
09 Kind Man + A Man Part 1 – Ha Seok Jin, Jeong Woo, Shin Sol Ki
10 Kind Man + A Man Part 2 – Ha Seok Jin, Jeong Woo, Shin Sol Ki
11 Bi Myeon for White Tower OST (korean drama)

Other MVs:

01 Inhyeongui Gisa – N.EX.T feat. Monday Kiz (voice only)

Blog links:

  1. Download Vol 2 MV of Kind Man + A Man – Part 1 and Part 2
  2. Watch Vol 2 MV Preview and screencaps
  3. Download 27+ min vers of Bye Bye Bye
  4. Vol 1 Album impression

Other links:

  1. Monday Kiz Official Thread at forums

Profile compiled from various sources: JIN, this_kid, nazznen, fangorn (aka alw8871) from soompi, Annyoung, muz, JukeOn, Bugsmusic, YesAsia, yunho from KpopKingdom

Note: Please credit if you intend to post this profile elsewhere.


12 thoughts on “Artist Profile – Monday Kiz

  1. Babe!

    Awesome pair with power vocies!. Thanks so much for the infos n stuff!.Hmm..our tastes in men n their cool voices!. Keep up your great blogging!


  2. thank you so much for the profile and downloads. I’ve been lookinf for their MV forever. Do you by any chance have their other MV? if so, would you be so kind as to upload them for me? thank you again.

  3. inez,

    hey thanks for the comment.


    I have all the MVs (including other MVs section) listed in their profile above (refer to list). I couldn’t possibly be uploading ALL of them at once but may feature their MV sometimes in the future. Do you have any which one in particular that you want me to “jump” the queue?

  4. Hello!

    Many many thanks for all the information on Monday Kiz that you provide! I love their songs very much, though I don’t understand a single word, and living in Russia it is really impossible to buy their CDs or something… Anyway, thank you! Hope you will continue doing this great job.

    All the very best! Warmest wishes!

  5. is any one know T.O footprints
    i wanna know more information about it
    and also the album for monday kiz that one inside story
    – scar – shout with your heart – mirage – footprint – day you left –

  6. one of my korean fav singer is Park Hyo Shin, cz he has such beautiful deep voice, and i think, Min Soo has similar voice with him, that’s why i love Min Soo poignant voice too, ..though i can’t understand a single word,but my tears keep on fallin’ each time i hear his voice, especialy when he sing “Never Say Goodbye” & in his last song that he recorded just 7 days before he died, ” Epilogue” (on Monday Kiz spc last alb RECOLLECTION)…and i can’t still believe, that he was gone…
    Annyong Min Soo, Saranghae…Yongwonhi…and Go Go…Jin Sung,FIGHTING !!!!!

  7. Jin Sung………………
    I Believe You Can Through your life without min soo.
    I’m verry love Min Soo & I cant still believe that was gone…
    I hope Min Soo will be happy to see you &……….

  8. I was born in novenber 21 1991.
    but my heart was verry sick.
    when I see my favorite idol kim mi soo from monday kiz was gone.
    Y believent it….
    becouse his voice always make me happy when I hear their song.
    I dont care anything….
    but I just wont my minsoo race in peace.
    he’ll going to heaven & happy forever in there.
    sarange oppa….

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