SoulStar, leaves YG and transfers to Sidus HQ

SoulStar left YG Entertainment and transferred to Sidus HQ. Last year, Soul Star signed an exclusive contract with Sidus HQ and are now preparing for their comeback.

“SoulStar signed the contract last year and is in the midst of preparing their new album. At the fastest, the new album will be released in March. If not, the album might come out in April or May”, a Sidus HQ authorized personnel conveyed.

“SoulStar moved out of YG Entertainment. We believe that the group will do well even though they have transferred to another label”, YG Entertainment said.

SoulStar, considered as “Korea’s Boyz ll Men”, is composed of Lee Chang Geun, Lee Seung Woo and Lee Gyu Hoon. Soul Star member Lee Seung Woo is actually BIG MAMA Lee Jo Young’s younger brother.

In 2005, SoulStar released their first album “SoulStar” and in April 2006, they released their single album entitled “Eraser”.

Original source:
Translated Sources : kpopper + kpopkingdom

O_O wow…I really really really x100 like them and have written (not yet post) my impression of their 1st album and 1st single. I have both of the CDs – that shows how much I like them (I won’t buy things I don’t like). It doesn’t matter to me which labels they are on as long as they keep producing stuff that is as good as their previous releases. I’m now looking forward to their next album. It’s just 2 months away.


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